The hunt....has begun


6. *Louis's p.o.v*

*Louis's p.o.v*

Me and Liam were walking. Dark, foggy and honestly kinda stuffy with all the thick trees. Suddenly I feel Liam's arm on my chest "shh" he says. I stay quiet as we here distant shouts. We couldn't hear what they were saying exactly but we moved toward them. As we got closer we heads them clearer "hello? Lou? Liam? Harry? Niall? Come on guys this isn't funny!" We see Zayn. "Zayn!" We both yell and run to him and hug him. He hugs back. "Really? That is so funny" "it's not a prank Zayn" "how can I believe you?" "There are 2 people trying to kill us. Do you really wanna fight about this?" "Fine" annoyance in his voice. I grab his arm and we walk back to the house. We walk in. "Niall? Abby?" I ask aloud. I hear footsteps and see Abby. "Who's the new one?" She ask. "Zayn. Zayn malik" he says. "Abigail. Call me Abby" they shake hands as Niall come down. "Zayn!" He practically yells, runs and hugs Zayn. They hug for a bit. Abby comes down "I hate to ruin your little reunion here but we have to go" "what why?" I ask. She holds up her hand. Using hand signals she counts down 3...2...1. Suddenly someone burst into the door. Abby runs upstairs and comes back down with an axe. "Abby don't! You could get hurt" she smiles "that's how you know your living" she says and runs to the attacker. He try's hitting her. She dodges. They block each others hits for a while when finally one of them gets hit. We look as the lifeless body falls to the floor.

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