The hunt....has begun


3. *Louis's p.o.v*

*Louis' p.o.v*

I wake up. I look around. Where was I? I fell asleep in my hotel room with the other lads? Where were they? Was this a prank? "Lads?" I ask aloud. I stand up and look around. "Come on this isn't funny!" I continue looking around when I see a note on a tree. I go up and read it.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the game. You are not alone. There are 5 more players and 2 murders. Don't get caught. Your goal in the game is to survive 3 weeks. There are 2 houses in this forest. They both have working electricity, water and food. Good luck.

Sincerely, the watchers

What the hell?! I put the note in my pocket and walk around. I hear chatter. What was that? Was there someone else? I walk to the voices. Suddenly I hear someone yell "LOUIS!!" I hear Niall's voice yell. I turn around and see him. "NIALL!!" I yell and hug him. He hugs back. We stay like that for a while. I was so glad I found someone else that wouldn't kill me. I pull away and see a girl. She was pretty. "Who's this?" I ask. "Oh this is Abby. Abby this is Louis" he says. "Hello Louis" she says and smiles. I smile back "Hello Abby" "we need to start moving. He might come back" she says. Me and Niall nod and all 3 of us start walking.

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