The hunt....has begun


9. *Abby's p.o.v*

*Abby's p.o.v*

I look down at my bloody clothes. "I'll be right back" I say and go to one of the bedrooms. I take off my shorts and put on some black pants. I take off my shirt when suddenly the door opens. I turn around and see Niall. "Geez Niall don't you knock?!" I ask pulling my shirt to cover my chest. He covers his eyes and faces the wall "I'm sorry" I groan. I pull off my shirt and pull on a grey one. "It's fine. What do you want?" I ask. "I wanted to ask you something" "what?" "Wanna go out? I mean if we survive" I smile. "Let's focus on staying alive for now. Okay?" "Okay" he says. We smile and go downstairs. The boy were in the living room talking. We go and sit down. I sit down between Liam and Niall. Suddenly someone burst in. I groan and go up to them. "I'm gonna win so can we just get this over with?" I ask. He smiles and runs toward me. Before the blade hits me I grab the base. We stay there fighter for the axe for a bit. After a while he loosens his grip and I grab it. I use the head and push him making him fall out of the window. Sirens. I've never been so happy to hear sirens. The police come and take us down to the ground. They get statements from us. They wrap us in blankets. Niall comes up to me "hey Abby" "hey Niall. What's up?" "So how about that date now?" He ask with a cheeky smile.

The end

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