The hunt....has begun


7. *Abby's p.o.v*

*Abby' p.o.v*

I stand there. Breathless. It wasn't the worst fight I had but I was still tired. I throw the the axe on the floor and fall onto my knees. I take deep breaths. Niall comes up to my side and picks me up. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back. "Well now that both of the killers are gone I guess we could continue roaming this land without fear" suddenly someone walks in. Covered in black and a grey mask. "We see that the girl is more manly then y'all" "are you the one that's kidnapping us?" I ask walking up to him. "Not the one. There's more than one of us" "us?" Niall ask. "I suggest y'all step back. Right now" Niall follows his instructions but I don't. "Why should I?" I ask crossing my arms across my chest. "Now" he repeats. Niall grabs my hand and pulls me back. I pull my hand away "now that y'all have best the two worst in pack. Now y'all have to survive 2 weeks and 6 days with the 5 best killers" I step up "why are you doing this?!" I was angry. I was really angry. "Step back Abigail" "answer my question first!" "Step back" "ANSWER MY QUESTION!" "Fine then. I'll make you" he says and pushes me forcefully against the wall. I tried using my arms to block but I hurt my wrist. "Survive" he says and leaves. Pain. Pain was the only thing I felt. The guys run up to me. "Abby are you okay?!" Louis ask. I groan. I take some deep breaths. I stand up. I take off my red flannel button up and wrap it around my left wrist, leaving me in my blank tank top and jean shorts. "I'll live" "are you sure your okay?" Niall ask. "I can survive this but we need to keep going. 5 killers are on our tail" they nod. We leave the house and continue walking. I was in the back because I couldn't and didn't want to walk fast. I look up and see the boys still walking. I look down, holding my wrist and continue walking. I see feet next to me. I look to my right and see Niall. He smiles "so how's the wrist?" He ask. "It's been better" he puts an arm on my shoulders. I smile at him. "So...Abby I've been wanting to ask you something."what is it Niall?" "I've be-" "guys shut up look!!" Louis shouts. We turn and see a light. We all run toward it. It was a fire. We all go and sit around the fire. We sit there in silence. "Having fun?" We hear someone say. We all turn and see a guy. Curly brown hair and green hair. "Harry!!" Louis shouts and runs and hugs harry. Harry smiles and hugs back. "So we've got a band and a random girl" "a girl who's saved out lives" Liam says. I smile. "Wait a band?" I ask. "Yeah. One direction to be specific. Have you heard about us?" Niall says. "No. I don't really listen to music. My dad makes me keep my grades up so he makes me do extra homework" "really?" Louis ask. I nod. "After homework he makes me go outside and do like gymnastics and stuff like that. He doesn't care what i do as long as I'm out of the house" "wow. That's bad parenting" "yeah. I got sick one time. The doctor said for me to stop being outside so much because I was almost close to skin cancer but he still makes me go outside" "that's terrible" Zayn says. "If I come home to early he punishes me. When I was 10 we lived in the woods till I was 12" they all look at me. "Hey what's that?" Harry ask standing up, walking to a tree and looking at a stain on the tree. I get up and look at it. "That' nail polish" "what's that doing here?" Louis ask.

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