The hunt....has begun


4. *Abby's p.o.v*

*Abby's p.o.v*

We continues walking for about 20 minutes when we met another one of Niall's friends. I think he said his name was Liam. "I got an idea" I say. They all look at me. "My dad taught me lots of stuff if I ever get stranded or something like that. I can climb on that tree and look from the above" they all look at each other and nod. I nod and walk up to a talk tree. I'm basically part monkey. I grab onto the trunk and start climbing. I've climb taller and rougher trees. I use the thick branches to step on and the thin branches to grab onto. I continue climbing and then I finally reach the top. I look around. I could see in the distance there was a house. It didn't look that far away. I look to the bottom and think. I shrug and jump off. I land on my knee and my foot. They kinda hurt but honestly my dad got me to get used to anything. They all looked at me shocked when I landed. I stand up and point to north. "We keep going north and we will find a house" they all nod. We all continue going north. After about 40 minutes we finally reach a house. We go inside. "I think Harry and Zayn are out there" Louis said. I stayed out of their conversation. "Yeah me too" "I think me and Louis should go look for them" "okay. Be carful" "we will" then I heard the door open and close. I look behind me and just see Niall. "Hi" he says. He looked kinda shy. In this light he looked so cute. His beautiful blonde hair and his blue eyes. I smile. "Hello" I say back. I walk to the counter in the middle of the kitchen. I sit on it and think. "You okay?" "I'm fine" "you sure?" "I'm positive. Well besides this I'm fine" we laugh a bit to each other. I yawn. "I wonder if there's any beds" I say and go upstairs. I see 6 bedrooms. 3 on each side. "I'm gonna go to bed" Niall says. He walks into one of the bedrooms. I nod and go into the bedroom across from him. I lay in bed. I couldn't fall asleep. The only thing on my mind was Niall. Why? Did I like him? No I don't. No I don't. No I don't...yes I do.

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