My new step-brother H.S

Mae is the nerd is school nobody likes her instead of her friend Demi she acts like a nerd so she's not mistaken as a snobby bitch but she's beautiful brown hair and a tattoo and and green eyes not too mention a perfect body she and harry styles are too different people he's popular she's not he think she's ugly but she's not he doesn't know until Mae and Harry become step-brother and sister but they start too fall for each other


1. Welcome too school

 Mae's p.o.v

i woke up this morning do too my alarm i got out of bed and got into the shower i did my business and got out when i walked into the room i screamed because my creepy as mother was standing right there picking out my clothes "WHAT THE FUCK MUM" i yelled "LANGUAGE AND please i change yo pamper shut up and get dress don't forget after school des is coming over along with his son" she said leaving "of course" i said. i sighed des my mum's fiance is coming over here with his son apparently we go too the same school but we never met i sighed and put on the shorts and white tank top my brown comboy boots and brown sweater and i put a beanie over my wavy hair and my fake glasses i dress nerdy because i do not and i mean DO NOT want too be popular but i'm not ugly i can say that i grabbed my back pack phone and keys before storming down stairs and out the door i got into my mini and drove too Demi's house. 

Demi is my best friend she has blonde hair and gray eyes beyond beautiful when i drove down the block she was dancing like a crazy person she stopped and just walked too the car "HEY GIRLY" she yelled "ello" i said waving she groaned at the sight of my glasses "seriously why do you wear those you look like little einstein" she said rolling her eyes i laughed and shrugged and drove too school.

when i got out of the car the first thing i notice was the 5 gorgeous but stuck up boy Niall,Louis,Zayn,Liam, and last but not least The Harry Styles total irk box i walked pass and louis was being the sweet thing he is said hi i waved back too him and continued walking too class but not before stopping at my locker i shut my locker and kept walking when i got there the boys was all lined up in a row and the only seat left was next too Louis.

i shrugged and walked over and sat down Louis isn't an asshole like the rest of them he flashed me a smile and i returned it and looked forward Louis is beyond handsome but not my type i mean he is fine as hell but he is way out of my league the class started and the day went past as fast as possible and i soon found my self walking out of the school doors talking too Demi "Hey can i please come over my Parents aren't there and i forgot my key" she said looking at her phone then in her bag "Sure" i said smiling she smiled back "But friendly Reminder my Mum's Fiance is coming over with his son sooo" i said she shrugged and we ran too my car.


*skip car ride because well my dumbass is lazy XD*


when i got home i didn't see a new car in the drive way which is good so i ran into the house and up into my room i took my beanie off and just then my mum yelled saying he was here i told Demi too stay and don't move she woofed like i was treating her like a dog i laughed and walked down stair i was running a finger through my  hair and smiling because Demi is fucking retarted like a dumb raccoon trying too figure out what gender it is i walked into the living room and said hi and i looked on the side of him too see The Harry Styles i waved not realizing who it was then i shot up out my seat "what is he doing here?" i asked backing away "oh Mae this is your new Step-Brother Harry" Des said i tilted my head with a disgusted look and harry was just staring at me looking disgusted "Mae stop now show Harry his room while me and Des got send the inventations out we will be back later tonight because we are going on a date afterwards here order a pizza and be nice" she said handing me 50 bucks and kissing my forehead she looked all dressed up along with Des as soon as they left i looked at harry and rolled my eyes and mumble a 'you gotta be shitting me right now' "follow me" i said sternly walking upstairs he followed without no problems and i was relieve cause if he would have said something i would have made it impossible for him too make children.


i opened his room door and he threw a bag on his bag and looked at me with a blank expression i stook my tounge out and so did he "i'll be across the hall if you need me so please don't need me thank you" i said walking into my room. when i got there Demi shot me questions "is he cute what's his name?" she asked quickly clapping her hands i rolled my eyes "No he is Harry styles" i said stomping my foot and taking out a look light pink belly shirt with sleeves on it and black yoga shorts i slipped them on and took my glasses off and shook my hair (she looks like she does in the cover) "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!" she screamed pointing too my waist i looked down "um a tattoo" i said narrowing my eyes  clearly confused she shook her head while glaring at me i laughed.

and threw her some pink yogo shorts and a belly shirt "no just a shirt you know i'm not sastisfied with my weight girl stop playing" she said taking a regular shirt i laughed and shook my head before putting on some black flip flops i walked out my room and my tattoo is showing but so what my mum doesn't care i walked into harry's room too see him not there great THE GREAT GASPTY RAN AWAY AND STOLE CHRISTMAS AGAIN i laughed and walked down stairs too see him and the rest off the boys with their back turned watching the game "great THANKS FOR GIVING THEM MY ADDRESS" i screamed making them jumped i was tapping my foot with my head tilting they all looked me up and down "who are you?" harry asked winking "ew gross im mae your step-sister" i said gagging his eyesut  i screamed i heard footsteps then saw her in the kitchen glaring at me she picked up a knife but a paper one and started walking towards me i just stood there.


"DON'T JUST STAND THERE GIRL RUN DAMN I SWEAR PEOPLE THINK SHE GONNA CUT YO ASS" Louis i looked at him dumbfounded then snatched the plastic knife and broke it in half "plastic duh" i said rolling my eyes and walking up stairs "um where are you going" louis said with his hand on his hip i sighed "i'm going too go get changed now so i could go out too the pool is that okay 'daddy'" i said with an annoyed expression "yes but be back around 9 sweetie love you" he replied i rolled my eyes and put my middle finger up and continued going up stairs i changed into my polk-a-dot pink and white bikini but i could find a rubber-band for my hair i shrugged grabbing my flip flops and a towel while walking down stairs "OOOOO GOAL GOAL NIGGA GIVE ME MY MONEY" Louis screamed i sighed and  walked into the kitchen without them noticing "DAMN GIRL LOOK AT YOU OOOOO" Demi screamed

i glared at her as i felt the boys stares i took my towel from around my waist and walked over too too them "here come get me when the food is done" i said throwing the 50 bucks on the table they never took their eyes off me "STOP STARING AT ME BEFORE I SWEAR TO GOD YOU WOULD NEVER CATCH A BONER AGAIN" i said through gritted teeth "look i'm sorry mae but you are sexy a-'" he stopped looking at my waist "is that a tattoo" harry asked "yes yes it is" i said walking away i heard them whistle so i just put my middle finger up Demi came down in her one peaice i glared at her she is skinny she thinks she's fat she's insecure (DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR YOUR TURNING HEADS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE DO-O-OR sorry i had too) i grabbed the speaker and walked out with boys following instead of liam. 


this is why i respect him the most right now.




i put the speaker on and put my iphone on it "ride?" i asked Demi she nodded sipping her feet in the pool the song 'ride' come on.


take off those heel's lay on my bed whisper dirty secrets while i'm pulling on your hair posion in our veins but we don't even care candles dripping on your body baby this ain't truth or dare everybody wonders where we run off too my body on your body baby sticking like some glue.


i dived into the pool and came back up "SHIT THAT'S COLD" i screamed Demi nodded and laughed while the boys sat there biting their lips i went under and began swimming.





okay i'm not even gonna lie this girl is sexy as fuck like i could catch a boner just by looking at her and seeing her wet is giving me a boner this girl is sexy sexy sexyyyyyyyyyy but she's also my step-sister *sighs*


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