My new step-brother H.S

Mae is the nerd is school nobody likes her instead of her friend Demi she acts like a nerd so she's not mistaken as a snobby bitch but she's beautiful brown hair and a tattoo and and green eyes not too mention a perfect body she and harry styles are too different people he's popular she's not he think she's ugly but she's not he doesn't know until Mae and Harry become step-brother and sister but they start too fall for each other


2. okay

i got up this morning threw on a white crop top some white jeans with rips in them and white nikes i curled my redish brownish hair and put my lip ring in i woke Demi up and she got dressed also i went down stairs too be deafed by Louis and Niall yelling at each other "why are you guys so uhm i don't know FUCKING LOUD" i screamed they winched at my tone oh really this is a little too loud fucked them i looked at harry too see him looking up and down my body i rolled my eyes and walked towards the kitchen "Hey sweetie" Louis said acting as if i was his daughter i rolled my eyes and turned his way "Hello father how are you today" i asked he let out a deep chuckle like a old man then choked at the end i laughed and went into the living room Louis sat down in the spot i was about too sit down in so i sat on Harry's lap when i sat down he stiffened "i'm tired daddy" i said shifting on harry he let out a deep moan and covered his mouth "can i talk too he Mae?" Harry asked before i could answer he dragged me into his room and shut the door before i knew it was up against the way with harry blocking anyway possible out "I need you too stop being so damn sexy cause the feelings i'm feeling for you is not any feelings a step-brother should feel about his step-sister" he said grinning his hip into mine making me moan in pleasure he ha d a smirk on his face i kissed his chin,jawline and then ear before whispering "we are not biological" i said nibbling on his earlobe he let out a shaky breath and started too grind his hips into mine i kissed his jawline then his lips he kiss back a couple seconds after i kissed his neck then bit his lip he let out another shaky breath "well bye" i said kissing him on lips before running down stairs.


"DADDY" i screamed "WHAT?" Louis asked i laughed at this little game we are playing (Louis and Mae is pretending too be father and daughter just too clear things up) "can i go out with my friend" i asked "what's her name" he asked while i was texting him too come "it's a him and his name is Alex" i said Harry came into the room as soon as i said that he took a seat and just kept looking at me. before Louis could say anything the doorbell ranged "ALEX!" I yelled running too the door Demi was opening it so i just ran and jumped on him i rapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck and squeezed him oh and friendly reminder Alex is gay.


"GET DOWN MISSY" Louis yelled i jumped down and turned too him too see all the guys looking mad "Guys this is my Gay Bestfriend Alex Alex meet my father Louis my bro-bro-brother harry and niall zayn and liam" i said pointing "he's gay?" niall asked with a scared expression on i nodded and niall and the boys ran up stairs and i heard harry's room door slam me and Alex and demi bursted out laughed i heard a loud band and looked at them and we all bursted out running upstairs i bursted into harry's room too see Louis over top of him punching him playfully so i attacked Louis i was on top of him playfully hitting him until someone grabbed me and started playfully hitting me HARRY he started playfully tickling me i was just cracking up i pushed him off and got on top him with my legs on both sides and i started tickling him until he made me wiggle my waist i looked up too see everyone gone i leaned down and smashed my lips into harry he moaned because i was grinding on him 

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