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This is the place where you link me your story and I review it. ATTENTION NEW READERS: If you are here to leave me your story, please read the rules and read my later reviews (Chapters 30+) to decide if you like my style.


4. Users Who Can't Return


Users Who Cannot Ask For Reviews


Lavern L.C. (Author of A Handful of Poems)

Sakura (Author of Katrine and the Serpent)

w0lverine (Author of Fire.)

CalTheMallBoy (Author of Dead DreamsIgnored messages and a tagged mumble. (Rule two people!)

Le Fox (Author of Lost To The Flames)

Sarah Bq (Author of Beasts On The Hunt)

edvin damien (Author of Party at the End of the Universe)

WillowW (Author of Hogwarts Truth or Dare!!!!!!!)


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