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33. The Rayne Witch - Lady Alora Wiley (In Progress)





The blurb and cover for some reason make me think of Blair Witch. A movie I absolutely love and a book series I've grown to be fascinated with since middle school.


So we're reading the story of the Salem witch? AWESOME!! I'm a little more than excited about this to be honest. I mean no one rewrites the stories that've already been told. But I should've known that you would Alora.

Dude come one! You can't take out the Salem witch already! Ugh. But I guess it makes sense now why it's called the Rayne witch. We're to read the life of her daughter. I'm a little disappointed but still anticipate a good read. You've never disappointed me before.



Chapter 1: 'My heart longed for the moments when he's wrap me in his arms' that should be 'he'd' :)


I don't think I'll favorite this one, but it seems like a really good story so far Alora! Keep it up and congrats for only having one flub (that I could find)! :)

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