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This is the place where you link me your story and I review it. ATTENTION NEW READERS: If you are here to leave me your story, please read the rules and read my later reviews (Chapters 30+) to decide if you like my style.


2. Rules




If you commented and I haven't updated this or gotten a hold of you via your wall or otherwise, in a weeks time, please feel free to push me about your story. A simple reminder of

'How's the reviewing coming along? :)' Will suffice.


If you hit up my comments or wall with

'Bitch, get to work on my story.' Or

'Have you reviewed my story yet?!!?' in a spamming fashion, you can consider your comment deleted.



I ask that you treat me with the same respect I treat you with. If you are disrespectful to me in any way shape or form, I have the right to ignore your request. Thank you!


If you do not acknowledge my review in a weeks time, you will not receive anymore reviews from me.

(Update to this rule/May 19th, 2017: If for whatever reason you cannot access the site within the required week, message me to work something out.) 



- New requirement as of January 10th, 2017 -

Please state if you would like your review to have your grammatical errors stated, or just a plot/character review.

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