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This is the place where you link me your story and I review it. ATTENTION NEW READERS: If you are here to leave me your story, please read the rules and read my later reviews (Chapters 30+) to decide if you like my style.


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The Truth Behind the Flames by w0lverine (Plot & Characters) {2.5 hours}

Holding On by Madisonnn (Full review) {19 mins}

- Kick or Kiss? by HeyItsJem (Full review) {27 mins}

- Broken Promises by Eileen Prince (Full review) {13 mins}

Suicide Mystery! by Elizabeth Yaj (Full review) {9 mins}

Pregnant with the Bad Boy by Tomboy, Speechless & D A D D Y (Full review) {25 mins}

- LUCY by A Writer's Soul (Story/plot & characters) {2 mins}

- Paper Forests by The Force Of Storms (Story/plot & characters) {40 mins}

Meant to Be by Emily Witte (Full review) {2.5 hours}

The Long Sad Goodbye. by w0lverine (TBD) {24 mins}

Baby Mine by Sheridan Maria & KatieKaty (Full review) {3.5 hours}

Soulmate Killer by YaPrtyMuch (Full review) {13 mins}

Today and Tomorrow by Lavern L.C. (Full review) {16 mins}

- I Will Now Follow My Heart by Steven Will -Dream Walker (Song/Full) {3 mins} 

Bump in the Night by BadassJem (Story/plot & characters) {5.5 hours}

Frostbitten Heart by Ghost of a Rose (Full review) {1 hour}

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