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7. Light & Dark - Victoriatheone (In Progress) (Unpublished)





Let me start off by saying, I couldn't stop reading!



1. I think one of the many things I loved about this story, was the fact that it was written how a story should be. This author was descriptive, in all the right ways. She let you know all about her character, before bringing in new ones. If I wasn't enthralled enough, by the flow of the way it's written, I became more so when story progressed.  


2. Stories are meant to entertain, and take you to where the author has written. That's EXACTLY what this author does. I could picture Victoria, and I could see her surroundings. Putting me in the story, making me a part of it.     



But like all stories do, there were a few hiccups.   


1. There were some grammatical errors. Some was a simple misspelling, while others it was a lack of a word. These are so trivial though, that you understand what the author meant, and can continue on with the story. I think the only thing, I would advise, is a reread before posting. ;)    


2. The next flaw I had a problem with, was the main characters inner thoughts, talking back to her. At first, it threw me off. I had no idea what was happening. Then as I continued reading, I realized this was done deliberately. I feel some moments, could be left without the inner monologue, but I think it makes the story unique. So I can't completely knock it. I think this was more of a warning to future readers, as I know it's frustrating when you realize you dislike a certain aspect in writing. Then read a new story, which you've fallen in love with, only to have crushed by the same annoying writing aspect.    


I hope she updates soon, and I have favorited and liked. Those of you who do pay attention to this measly thing, should give a read. It's addicting as fuck. 





Edit: 12/8/15


Sadly this story is no longer available on Movellas. The author is no longer here either. This depresses me so much. I remember how in love I was with this story, and I remember how descriptive she was, and her silly character's thoughts were actually a person in her minds eye. But sadly I will no longer be able to relive those chapters, or find out how it ended. The last contact I had with her, she was very heartbroken over how little attention her story had received, and she had reached a writer's block that she just couldn't shake.

Let this be a warning to any of you who read these things. No matter what story you've read on here, no matter how much you hated it, please leave the author something. Let them know it wasn't your cup of tea but you liked their cover. Or tell them how you did love their story (if you did obviously) and tell them why. Was it the characters you liked? Tell them. The plot? Say it. Or maybe it was way they wrote, tell them that as well. Believe me when I say sometimes, that helps soo much.

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