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This is the place where you link me your story and I review it. ATTENTION NEW READERS: If you are here to leave me your story, please read the rules and read my later reviews (Chapters 30+) to decide if you like my style.


1. Introduction


If you have a story and want me to read it I will. I read stories by first come, first serve. So if there are several stories ahead of you I will expect you to wait. 

I can't guarantee speed but I can guarantee great quality. So please be patient and let me work through it in my own time. My life isn't always hectic or busy, but I do have one and I would appreciate the space.


Stories I will read:

- Fan Fiction

- Romance

- Poetry

- Horror/Suspense

- Mystery

- Comedy

and any others I may have missed. I literally read everything. 

- Any Length

- Any Genre


My review style changes as I grow in writing. But there are some things that remain the same.


Things I Comment On:

Each review will start with a few short sentences on your cover and summary/blurb.

As the story progresses I will comment on things I loved or your characters.

I'm a huge realism nut. Unless it's acceptable to the genre it's in, I will call you out on having unrealistic scenarios.

Ex. 'Sally got hit by a car. She was then rushed to the hospital. After a day of surgery and rest, they released her and she got the man of her dreams.' (We all know things like this never happen.)

At the end of my review will be the chapter(s) and the mistakes I found within them. Followed after is my conclusion on what I thought of your story as a whole. (I try to keep this to a paragraph at most.)

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