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34. I, Lady Grey - Lady Panda (In Progress)





On first glance it seems like a very good story. The blurb intrigues you and the cover is....interesting. 


After reading the short first chapter you get a good feel of the main character. Her troubled past gives her the strong will that I've always enjoyed reading about in female characters. It makes me wonder why her future holds such a tragic outcome.


Well shit. You had to drop the fiancee bomb in the second chapter? I'm just starting to get into the plot and characters and you give me a fiancee!!?!? Sigh. Alora, you shall be the death of me. 

All kidding aside you write with the same style I've grown to love from you. You give enough description on characters and surroundings that we picture it, but not so much all at once that we tire of reading. Your dialogue and plot information coinciding together beautifully. It makes for a lovely and thrilling read and it's only just begun. It was the only time I wished there was another chapter because believe me, I looked so fast. Only to be disheartened because you have yet to publish one.


I have favorited and liked and hopefully you won't have me waiting too much longer, to figure out what happens to your main character. As always Alora, you made a brilliant story. 

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