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9. Hubris - Narcy (In Progress) (Stopped Reading) (Unpublished)





This was my first time reading a legal thriller.

There were a lot of things I found interesting in this story.   


1. The characters were lawyers. Something I haven't read about before and quite frankly, a very refreshing POV. Since most of the time, I'm stuck reading about teenage girls. So to read about characters, who've been out of high school for a while now, is awesome.  


2. This authors writing, runs so smoothly. You don't get confused, over too many words being where they shouldn't.   


There was two problems, I encountered when seeing this story.  


1. There's not much of a summary. If I had seen this in the new stories, I would've passed by it. There's nothing to tell me what I'm about to read. Maybe an excerpt from the story would suffice? If writing a summary is too difficult.  


2. Another problem I encountered, was there was a lot of characters introduced too soon. As I was getting used to the main characters, you spring a boss and the defendant. Within the first few paragraphs. I had to reread them, before I understood James Mercer was Tobias' boss not Tobias himself. This could've been just me though, as I said this was my first thriller type story. :)  


I'd love to see how this story continues. Please update soon, as I've favorited and liked. <3




Edit:This is a very good story, a very different story. One that I enjoyed reading. But after the author posted up the sixth chapter I found myself very uninterested as to what it contained. Reading the first three sentences before stopping, and unliking it along with removing it from my favorites.

As I said it's a wonderful story! I'm sure the ending will be superb! But I just simply lost interest. I was drawn in with the strong personality of the main male character. Along with the general plot, but the problem above in which too many characters were being introduced; never got fixed. So here I am reading a fascinating story, but every chapter I have to learn about another character.

A lot of times people enjoy this type of story. Sadly I am not this person. So if anyone who reads this chapter, finishes the story to the end I'd love to know the ending!


Edit: 12/8/15

So apparently the author of this story has removed it from the site. I have scrolled through his entire activity since my putting this up and saw no mumble or anything regarding as to why it has been taken down. Guess I'll never know what happened to these characters. Oh well. 

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