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14. Hoist The Colours - Lady Alora Wiley C/S W/S (In Progress)





Your character Morrow is extremely funny!


1. If there's one thing I love in stories, it's humor. Between his constant teasing to the pirates on The White Sapphire, about their lack of brushing. I was in giggles! Or his conceited outlook on himself, "No! Wrong answer, your life has been terrible without moi!" I mean really! Or my personal favorite 'I felt sorry. For the cat.' Ha! 'I'm not running, I'm simply advancing very fast in the other direction!' I'm done! xD I had to stop reading, just to laugh that one off. Really, where the hell does this stuff come from? It's bloody brilliant! 'THAT PIRATE'S A BLOODY MANIAC! STAND DOWN! DON'T SHOW YOUR BACKSIDE!' What! xD Done. Just done. 

2. I've never been one to read pirate stories. But this one is so enthralling, there's never been a slow moment! I mean Morrow's been captured, fought his way out, almost died, got captured again, and then stole a ship! This is just in the first eight chapters! Hoorah for your imagination lovely lady. 

Also, you can tell Morrow I take offense to being called a girly girl! If he's not careful, I'll gladly take care to remove an appendage he holds dear!

3. Morria. Oh, she is lovely. I'm so glad you brought her in! Her constant picking at Morrow is hilarious! I mean seriously. She makes the story like ten times better, I feel. She knows Morrow is a shit, and is constantly calling him out on it! What don't you love about that! 




This is a brilliant story. One I wouldn't mind going to theaters to see! So please for those of you who pay attention to this, check it out. It's amazing! :-) 




Edit: 12/29/15


All grammatical errors are fixed. :-) 

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