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8. Breaking Lylah - Diasterology (In Progress)





I've finally found another author, who knows the difference between writing a story, and writing hormornal smut.

There's so many aspects in this story, that I love! For instance:  


1. We've got a broken main character. I can't tell you how sick I am, of reading about 'normal' characters. No one is normal. People aren't perfect. Whether it's the fact, that your self-conscious about your self appearance. Or maybe you've got secrets you're ashamed of. We've all got problems. So when I'm reading about this character, and find out that she drinks her problems away. Like normal people do, I was in heaven.  


2. Another thing I loved about this story, was the fact that it's not the same story told over again. She didn't make the character, have a drunken one night stand with the boys. Instead, she made the main character quite humorous the next day. As she stumbled over her words, and actions. Giving her, originality at it's finest.   


3. Can I say, how flawlessly this author flows through her words. She's descriptive, without making it all about the descriptions. Her characters shine, without it just being about them. A nice mix between the two.     



There are two problems, I encountered while reading this story.  


1. Lack of information on the side character. There's a bond between Jamie and the character Lylah, but I'm unaware as to where it came from. But it's the beginning of the story, so I expect this will come out later.  


2. There's also minor grammar mistakes. It's a misspelled word, or use of the wrong word. It's so little of a problem, it doesn't affect the story telling. I would suggest a reread before uploading, to prevent the problem in the future. :)  



Overall, I loved the story that was being told. I haven't read many fanfictions. I've written more then I read, and I certainly haven't read 1D fiction before. But I have favorited and liked this one, because I would like to find out more about Lylah's broken story.

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