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December 27th/2016




To my lovely readers: I have a question for you all.


As you all know I have a certain system when it comes to writing these up. But as of late (And tinkering with my winter reviews movella.) I've realized it wouldn't hurt to change it.

Maybe not a full out change. Something new would be nice but I'm not sure what to change.


So here I am. You guys are the ones asking for reviews, you're the ones going to read it; what do you want to see?


Should I change it up completely and have it like I do in my winter review movella? Or should it be something small like adding a seal of approval at the start? 



Brainstorm on it and let me know in the comments. What can I change to help make your reviews more enjoyable to read. Or should I not change anything and just add more categorization to them?


I'll be waiting anxiously to read your thoughts. :)


- Carol

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