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35. About Jim - Emma Coleman (In Progress)





Upon first glance it seems like a power induced story. The typical power and fame hungry character who either ends up learning from his ways, or is taken down. The cover is dark suggesting to expect something horrific but not very catching. This could go either way. Your last story didn't let me down but I'm not biasing this story based off the last.


That first chapter was nothing like I anticipated. I should mention at first that it's a little hard to get into. Not because of the surprise waiting at the end, but because it seems to drag. There's a lot of characters and description that make it hard to get a feel for just one character. To be completely honest I almost stopped reading when they encountered one another on the street. But I went on and found a rather.....interesting surprise awaiting me. 


Chapter 1: 'He seemed much more confidence' that should be 'confident'.


I feel genuinely sorry for Nicoline. She's so unhappy and yet because she's so foreign, it'd be hard for her to live another life without her husband. I'm curious as to why we have her character intro and I'm wondering if it's not because James will soon steal her away. Or simply have her on the side.


This story has taken an interesting turn of events. I anticipated a story about a man named Jim. Oddly enough it seems to revolve more around Charles with moments by Jim. It almost seems misleading but I guess it depends on how you look at it.



In conclusion? It's not my genre. It seems like a very well written story and to the right person, a brilliant read. But I just can't get into the story. I probably would've stuck it out for whatever remaining chapters are there but you have multiple POVs and I just got used to reading in Charles. I honestly can't try to get a hold of someone new. I'm really sorry because I'm sure you hoped I'd fall in love with this one. I feel as though I let you down and I sincerely apologize. But I just can't sit through the storyline any longer. I hope you get the right readers :)

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