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6. A Dream Come True - Chrissy Marie Horan, Quoter (In Progress) (Stopped Reading)





I can't comment too much as it's only just a prologue; but I will give you what I can. :)


1. I loved how the authors have taken modern boys, and brought them back to olden times. To make this a fairy tale like story.   


2. I also love how she doesn't have one fandom in this, she has two! A lot of people forget that the boys were at one time tour mates. That tends to create a bond, making this story all the more interesting.      


Excited to read more and can't wait for her next update!! <3





Edit: 12/8/15


Honestly, looking back at this story I'm not sure how I learned to love it like I did above. I guess it's true what people say about how your likings change. Now I haven't changed physically at all in the past few months I created this. But mentally I've grown a great deal. This story no longer captivates me like it once did.

Not to mention the writing style is not only childish (I suspect the author(s) are in the preteen-early teen stage.), but there are multiple grammar mistakes in the small prologue they have up! I don't know about you guys, but I'm really hell bent on that now. If there are simple grammar mistakes, like rules you learned in Kindergarten simple, I will turn away.

If that reason above isn't enough, this is another story by the author which has yet to be updated. But I learned from the author who contacted me, that this was not her story but her friend's so any lack of updates is on her. 

I feel like I just became a complete bitch in .2 seconds flat. :/ oh well! C'est la vie!

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