No Angels *Hemmings*


1. Chapter 1

"He did that? So fucked up!"

"How can someone do that?!"

Their whispers were loud. To loud. Luke hated walking down the hallways. People were constantly talking about him.

"I heard the new girl is worse then him."

"Fuck dude. No one can do worse then him."

That was a complete lie. Anyone could do anything worse then what Luke did. What he did wasn't that bad, but it sure got everyone's attention. Luke hated the attention. He wished life would go back to the way it was before he fucked up. Everyone in the hallway stopped. They stopped moving. Luke could even hear some of their heartbeats stop.

"Holy fuck." Luke turned around, seeing a girl with dark brown hair. She had on all black. Her hair was curled to perfection. Sunglasses covered her eyes, making it impossible to see the color. She had a smirk on her lips as she walked down the hallway, passing Luke. His eyes followed her, watching as her body swayed. He blinked, shocked that someone could look like that. And you could only see half of her fucking face. Luke just had to talk to her. Make her his.

"Damn girl! That is one fine ass!" One of the boys by Luke yelled. Luke retaliated, turning around quickly and pinning the boy to the locker.

"Never, ever, talk to a girl like that. Got it?" Luke hissed, glaring at the boy. The boy nodded quickly. Luke let him go and smiled. He walked away, walking past the girl. She started at him through the glasses, jaw dropped. Luke smirked and continued walking to his class.

He was gonna fuck with this girls feelings, and it'd be difficult as hell.


Luke sat in the back of his music class, the last class of the day. Luke loved music, but he absolutely hated music class. The teacher took out all of the fun.

"Okay class, so today, we have a new student," The teacher said. Luke sat up in his seat quickly. Be looked up to see the girl from this morning. Her eyes were a dark brown color, which pulled Luke in more, "Her name is Echo. So everyone, please welcome Echo." The class was quiet, all staring at her.  Her name was beautiful, just like her. And Luke could make her his in a fucking second.

Echo stood there for a second, awkwardly for a second, looking at the teacher.

"Oh! My bad! You can go sit by.... Luke." The teacher said, pointing at Luke. Luke was in to much of a trance to pay attention to the teacher, he was to busy staring at her. She smirked and walked over to Luke, sitting down in the desk next to him.

"You know it's rude to stare." Echo said. Luke quickly got out of his trance and looked at her.

"I was daydreaming." He lied. She laughed. 

"About what?"

"My next victim." He smirked and winked at her, causing her jaw to drop. Luke layed his head back down on the desk, completely ignoring what the teacher was saying. He felt Echo still looking at him, so he turned his head.

"You know it's rude to stare." He said, mocking her from a few minutes ago. She blushed and looked away, staring at the teacher. Luke felt proud of himself. He had already shocked Echo twice, and now he was embarrassing her. Now he just to be her friend.

The final bell rang and Luke quickly walked out of the classroom, being the first one out. He walked down the hall, people moving away so he could get through. He heard tiny footsteps behind him.

"Luke wait!" Echo yelled, causing Luke and everyone in the hall to stop. Luke turned around and looked at her, so did everyone else. Luke rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, causing everyone to go back to what they were doing.

"What do you want sweet cheeks?" He asked, smirking. She blushed, and looked down.

"What did you mean by next victim?" She asked, looking up at him. He chuckled.

"Ask everyone else around here, they know damn well what I mean." He turned around and walked to the front doors of the school. He walked to his car which was old and beaten up, but it was the best thing he's ever had in his life.

He got in and started it, scaring the people around him. He laughed and turned up his music, blaring ISSUES. He saw Echo walking out of the school. He drove up to her, stopping about 2 feet from her. He rolled down the window.

"Hey sweet cheeks! Need a ride?!" He yelled, scaring her. She stared at him, rolling her eyes.

"Fuck off!" She yelled back, flipping him off. He laughed and rolled his eyes, flipping her off. He drove off, ignoring Echo's looks.

He could get her wrapped around his in 5 seconds, he just had to play hard to get.

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