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I've seen a few cover stores ( well, a lot really) but I haven't seen a character store. So I made one. The store is for those small characters who have about a page before they are forgotten or else for those huge crowds that a couple of people stick out of. You can also use a description if you have a character's personality and adventures planned out but can't quite conjure them up in your mind. If you are pressed for time or struggling to find the right words, please feel free to use my descriptions. You can use parts of a description or the whole thing. I do requests as well if you can't find what you're looking for. The only thing that I ask is that you leave a link to your book in the comments so I can check it out because I'm vain like that and like to see my work help others :)


9. The Outsider

Black hair billowed against the alabaster face of the boy standing at the edge of one of the salt sprayed rocks that covered the cove. The jagged stone structures stretched out along the beach either side of him as far as his eye could see, which was saying something with his remarkable eyesight. Sea swirled around the rock, lapping over the edge and around the bare feet of the boy. The salt stung the cuts and scrapes on his lower legs and ankles. The icy water turned his skin blue with cold. The boy did not care. Pain was just a state of mind. Once you learned to control that particular part of your conciousness, pain would never bother you again. The boy had learned that a very long time ago.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons that the people in the village fifteen minuets away avoided him. They could not understand his tolerance for pain; the ability to hold the bade of a knife until his hand bled and not wince; to have his shirt catch fire and not scream as the fabric burned onto him. They did not, could not, understand him. People are afraid of things they don't understand. They called him unnatural and wrong. Devil. 

A few drops of rain landed on the bridge of his nose. The boy pulled his cloak tighter around him. Cold, like pain, caused him no discomfort but the wind was high and hail fell with the rain. it would not do to die of the ice fever. There was no one at the village from the old days. There was no one to reveal his past. The boy had just wandered in on a warm summers eve several months ago with no shoes and a fat bag of gold. He had taken a room at The Lion's Head and that was as much as anyone knew about him. Most thought him a thief. Why else would a self respecting person have no shoes and that much gold - unless the gold was stolen.

The gold was not stolen. Well, almost not. A band of highwaymen had thought him easy prey and attacked him at a mountain pass. They had bitten off more than they could chew.

The boy could have bought shoes if he so wished but he did not so wish. Shoes cut the wearer off from the earth and his surroundings. Without shoes, the vibrations and tremors made by animals and humans were free to travel into his feet and spread throughout his body, giving the boy a sight far beyond that of his deep, dark eyes. That was another trait that inspired the villagers to stay away. They found the impossibly fast reflexes of the boy unnerving. It didn't help that he seemed to know where everyone was at any time of the day or night. 

A tiny ball of ice fell into his eye. He blinked until his vision was clear once more. Lightning crackled in the distance as thunder vibrated through the air. Dawn should be on it's way by now but the dark clouds covered the beach in perpetual night. The boy breathed in deep, scenting the air. He should probably go back to the village before the morning tide cut him off... 

Just a few more minutes.

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