Character Store

I've seen a few cover stores ( well, a lot really) but I haven't seen a character store. So I made one. The store is for those small characters who have about a page before they are forgotten or else for those huge crowds that a couple of people stick out of. You can also use a description if you have a character's personality and adventures planned out but can't quite conjure them up in your mind. If you are pressed for time or struggling to find the right words, please feel free to use my descriptions. You can use parts of a description or the whole thing. I do requests as well if you can't find what you're looking for. The only thing that I ask is that you leave a link to your book in the comments so I can check it out because I'm vain like that and like to see my work help others :)


11. School Girl

You could tell it was September by the way the little girl was dressed.Her bright pink backpack was so large it was a wonder that it didn't crush her. In fact (as if defying gravity) she walked with a spring in her step and a bright gleam in her eye, the kind that only comes at the beginning of the school year. 

her white socks were pulled up to her knees (the elastic had not yet stretched passed saving) and her black shoes with a butterfly on the velcro strap were so shiny that you could see your reflection in them. the red cardigan with the school crest on the lapel clashed slightly with the blue and white summer dress, but she was too young to notice.

The little girl didn't know that her mum had spent the summer learning how to do the perfect french plaits that all the other little girls had last year. All the little girl cared about was the hair bobbles with the little pink butterflies that secured the ends of the impeccable braids.Her mum had thought it would be too cold to wear the checked dress but the sun was out now and she had her coat in her bag. Just in case.  

The little girl didn't see the tears in her mum's eyes as she ran to meet her friends - a little girl, all grown up.

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