Character Store

I've seen a few cover stores ( well, a lot really) but I haven't seen a character store. So I made one. The store is for those small characters who have about a page before they are forgotten or else for those huge crowds that a couple of people stick out of. You can also use a description if you have a character's personality and adventures planned out but can't quite conjure them up in your mind. If you are pressed for time or struggling to find the right words, please feel free to use my descriptions. You can use parts of a description or the whole thing. I do requests as well if you can't find what you're looking for. The only thing that I ask is that you leave a link to your book in the comments so I can check it out because I'm vain like that and like to see my work help others :)


15. Meghan and Melanie for Nat's storys7288

Melanie laughed, shaking out her soft brown hair, eyes glinting emerald in the warm summer sun. Perfect white teeth flashed between plump cupid’s- bow lips. A few freckles that only appeared during the warmer months of the year were dotted across her nose like fairy dust. She shrieked as her coke spilt, the cold liquid staining her white top. Melanie, scrubbed at it with expertly  manicured hands, each nail perfect except for her right pinky that she always bit when she was nervous. As she looked down to examine the damage her dink had done, a small double chin formed. Melanie always felt insecure about that, even though her dad told her it was cute – like dimples or birthmarks. Melanie groaned as she realised that the damage to her new top was irreversible, eyebrows that had taken quarter of an hour to apply frowning.

Meghan met the green eyes with her own sky blue ones and smiled softly. She didn’t like to draw to much attention to her mouth, which she considered to be her worst feature – thin and pale. Instead, she would spend a good twenty minutes each morning applying copies amounts of mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc, to accentuate her already sparkling sapphire eyes.  People said that blondes had more fun, but that was hard to believe around Melanie. Meghan pulled her own long blonde hair into a ponytail, sighing in relief as a cool breeze ran along her sweaty neck. Hair this long looked fabulous but it caused an unpleasant layer of insulation in the sun. Many people looked at Meghan and saw her as the vivacious, blonde vixen that all the boys go after. But secretly, Meghan thought that it was Melanie who really deserved the attention.

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