Character Store

I've seen a few cover stores ( well, a lot really) but I haven't seen a character store. So I made one. The store is for those small characters who have about a page before they are forgotten or else for those huge crowds that a couple of people stick out of. You can also use a description if you have a character's personality and adventures planned out but can't quite conjure them up in your mind. If you are pressed for time or struggling to find the right words, please feel free to use my descriptions. You can use parts of a description or the whole thing. I do requests as well if you can't find what you're looking for. The only thing that I ask is that you leave a link to your book in the comments so I can check it out because I'm vain like that and like to see my work help others :)


12. Amina Kent for SnowPotato_

Amina Kent was good at her job. Better than good, actually. She was fantastic. Not that anyone noticed. No one noticed that she stayed on for overtime without being asked so that she could read to the comatose children that no one else bothered with. No one noticed the pristine white uniform that always had a strawberry and cream lollipop sticking out the top pocket or the smiley face stickers that she dotted around the children's ward. 

At best, some of the male staff and visitors ran a lecherous eye down her, admiring the curves of her body and her glossy black hair pinned tightly into a bun. They would imagine her in a sleek cocktail dress or some sexy lingerie or often nothing at all, before thinking what a pity it was that she should be closeted in this hospital like a nun and deciding that she was probably a prude anyway and wasn't worth the fuss. But that was just the men.

To the children she was an angel sent from heaven. The way her blue eyes sparkled when she opened the curtains at the start of each day; the way her infectious smile lit up the room and just made you want to giggle - and she was always smiling. Amina Kent was a kind, wonderful woman and all the children loved her. From the five year old in for her second treatment of chemo to the sixteen year old in for a heart transplant to the premature newborn that was brought into this world two hours ago. They all loved Amina. Because children see what adults don't. To the adults, she was just another nurse cleaning up shit. But to the children she was everything. 

Amina Kent was good at her job. But no one ever noticed. Except the children.

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