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I've seen a few cover stores ( well, a lot really) but I haven't seen a character store. So I made one. The store is for those small characters who have about a page before they are forgotten or else for those huge crowds that a couple of people stick out of. You can also use a description if you have a character's personality and adventures planned out but can't quite conjure them up in your mind. If you are pressed for time or struggling to find the right words, please feel free to use my descriptions. You can use parts of a description or the whole thing. I do requests as well if you can't find what you're looking for. The only thing that I ask is that you leave a link to your book in the comments so I can check it out because I'm vain like that and like to see my work help others :)


14. Alex Carson, Saige Carson and Carl Grimes for Madisonnn

Alex Carson was sat on a rotting log in the middle of the forest, stabbing his knife into the soft wood. He knew that if he kept doing this then the blade would lose its edge but he needed a release for the anger and grief that had built up inside him and there weren’t any Walkers around so the log would have to do. It was one of the few moments of peace he got these days. Saige was safe with Lori so he had taken the opportunity to have some time to himself. Lori had told him to be safe but let him go: she knew how it felt. With the Walkers out there, it was dangerous to be alone – but sometimes you just needed the space, the quiet, the stillness.  And sometimes you just needed a place to cry where your kids couldn’t see you. He ran a hand with scraggy fingernails through the unkempt salt-and-pepper hair that he had once taken great pains to dye. Rick used to tease him about how much Alex cared about his looks. Alex couldn’t remember the last time he had thrown banter about or laughed at a joke. There were more important things now. He closed his blue eyes – eyes that Saige had inherited – and tried to think back to the last time he had been really happy. Nope. The memory had long since vanished. That was the problem with good memories; you didn’t think them worth remembering until it was too late.


Saige knelt next to Carl as Daryl taught them how to skin the rabbits he had caught that day. Although he was trying to hide it, Saige could see that Carl was feeling sick. He didn’t like killing things. Meanwhile (apart from the stubborn stains the blood produced) Saige didn’t really have an issue with preparing the carcasses for Lori to cook later. She knew that Lori would get her to help with the cooking as well. Carl would find some way to get out of it, which might actually be a blessing considering the last time Carl had been roped into cooking: Saige though she was going to get food poisoning!

A strand of blonde hair fell out of her ponytail and instantly got a coating of blood. She sighed. Saige was desperate for a proper shower with shampoo and soap and hot water. She had had enough of streams and ponds that often left her dirtier than before. Carl, of course, didn’t care but then he had always seemed to be covered in filth even before… Well. Before the world went to hell.

Before the dead started walking, Saige had thought that Carl was kind of cute. She had even hoped he might ask her to the spring dance. There were more important things now – like trying to stay alive. And even if Carl felt the same way Saige did, it would probably just ruin their friendship. And she had so few friends now. She didn’t want to lose another.

Daryl snapped his finger at her.

“Focus,” he snapped. “You don’t want to lose a finger.” Saige blew her hair out of her face and scratched her nose with freshly calloused hands. Then gritted her teeth as she realised her face now had blood all over it. Why even bother worrying about if Carl had feelings for her when she looked like this?


Carl snorted quietly as Saige smeared blood on her face, earning a filthy look from his friend. He knew she was itching to get clean: before all this, her sandy hair always used to smell like strawberries from her shampoo. He teased her every now and then about how filthy she was but he knew he looked no better. His mum said that his once soft brown hair was so matted that unless they found a hairbrush soon, he would get dreadlocks. Saige had laughed at him for that. He liked it when she laughed. Her smile was wide, her teeth perfectly straight – a result of three years of braces. He hadn’t had any yet, and probably never would now. The slightly crooked front teeth made him feel slightly self-conscious. He dreaded to think how they would look in a few years. With his friends before, he had never worried about how he looked but with Saige…

Since going off-road, Saige had become a badass. It made Carl’s stomach clench and had beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. Which was kind of painful actually, considering the recent sunburn that a lack of sunscreen had resulted in. He couldn’t believe how many things he had taken for granted before. He would never take anything for granted again, especially Saige. He glanced once more at her sparkling sky-blue eyes squinted in concentration as she ripped the fur from the rabbit and turned back to his own pathetic attempt at skinning the dead animal. His stomach clenched in a way that had nothing to do with Saige.

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