The Photographer↠cth

all he needs to do is take pictures of her, but the only problem is that she can't know. {lower case intended}


3. 0.2


the boys and i are sitting at a table at starbucks, ash and mike are in a deep argument about god knows what and luke is being the awkward him trying to order something at the line.

and for me? i'm just sitting here thinking about what girl would i choose, because i have seen plenty of them coming through these starbucks doors and none of them caught my eye. suddenly i see this girl with beautiful tan skin and long dark brown hair, i can't really see her face because of her hat but she seems so out of place here.

everyone is slouching over but her she has the upright posture with her shoulders back and her head held high. i see her she's behind luke in line, you can tell she's becoming inpatient with him because he's been up there for awhile now. 

couple of seconds later he moves out of the way and she steps up smiling talking to the barista. seconds later she goes to sit down in her own booth playing with her phone, he back is still facing me so i haven't gotten a chance to see her face.

"zooey and luke." the barista calls, luke rushes over and the mystery girl walks up to the counter. she walks back to her spot sitting down and putting in her earphones, luke comes back "should i go over and say sorry to that zooey girl?" luke asks sitting next to me. i turn to look at him "why would you say sorry luke, you didn't do anything wrong." i say confused as to he needs to do that. "because calum i took like 7 minutes to order and i feel bad because if i knew she was ordering something so simple i would've let her go first-" "-i don't even care what you think i am going over." he says getting up.

i watch luke intently as he was over to this zooey girl with his drink, i see him tap her shoulder gently smiling and she turns around giving him a smile back taking out her earphones. he sits down across from her and they start chatting, they laugh and smile.

"calum who's that girl luke's talking to?" mike asks me, i tear my eyes away from luke and zooey "i don't know some chick named zooey." i tell him looking back at the two. this time she has a phone in her hands and he has one too, they tape away on the screens and hand them to each other. luke gets up from the booth waving goodbye to zooey and coming back to our table.

"got her digits." luke says showing his phone screen to us, i scoff luke usually is not this ambitious to do something like that unless she's comes up to him first. "oh my baby is growing up." ashton says in a bad mother voice pretending to cry, idiot. "someone's gonna get laid." mike says fist bumping the air chanting those four words. 

"who is she anyways?" i ask trying to find out who she is, his smile brightens when i mention her "turns out she's the model i've been crushing on, her names zooey forester-hill. and that's zooey with two o's." he explains how to spell her name. "more details please." michael says like a school girl that wants more gossip "well she has this adorable french accent, she's 18 and lives here at the moment like us. and i have a date with her later on tonight." luke explains the basics so far.

i pick her, this is the perfect girl. i thought to myself, but it's true and if everything works out between luke and her. my job will be easier and i can get that five thousand dollars ash and mike promised me.

sorry zooey forester-hill but i am your photographer.


second chapter in the same say. this might be bad but it's late and i was watching bambi. but anyways non-important. please more votes and comments



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