The Photographer↠cth

all he needs to do is take pictures of her, but the only problem is that she can't know. {lower case intended}


2. 0.1


i wake up with something bright shinning in my eyes, i open my eyes to see it's just that my curtains weren't closed. i get out of bed of my new house, i just moved in last week from canada.

i go straight to my closet putting on my nike pro tights, plain loose white crop t-shirt and black high top converse. i brush my hair out my long dark brown hair leaving in it's natural waves and putting a black leather baseball hat.

i go to the bathroom brushing my teeth and putting on a bit of mascara, i take my phone off the charger putting it in my little black leather bag with my wallet, earphones and lip balm. i walk downstairs to the usual loneliness so i decide to go venture in downtown l.a, i grab my car keys heading to my car.

i put my keys in the ignition driving away from the rather large house and driving to a little cafe. the only one i found was starbucks, so i park in a parking spot and turning off the car. i get out making sure i lock the black suv and head into the very popular franchised cafe.

i see that there's a huge line so i decide to just take the bullet and wait in the line. i had some people come up to me for autographs and pictures. soon enough i was next but the person in front of me was like ordering the whole starbucks.

after 10 minutes the person was done ordering it was my turn "hello welcome to starbucks how may i help you?" the barrister greets with a smile "can i have a grande chai latte and chocolate chip muffin. please." i tell her my order. she nods writing something down on the cup "can i have a name for that?". "zooey. with 2 o's." i explain going over to a free both until they call my name.

i pull out my phone scrolling through tumblr for about 5 minutes until i hear my name being called, i lock my phone and walking over to the counter taking my drink and muffin. i thank them and walk back to my booth taking my earphones out and plugging them in. i eat my muffin and drink my chai latte in peace while listening to mozart's composes.



hey guys trying a new thing her hope you like it


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