Allisson Lily Wilson. A girl who was made to do anything she'd put her mind to. Her family would expect her to be able to do whatever. But she isn't what she was supposed to be. She is simply Delicate.


2. NEW


Some say my cuts are just for attention. They really aren't though. In fact, I've tried to hide it from everybody. Like, if people already know that I am hurting myself, they'll just have a head-start.

At first I feel sad because I don't want to get beaten up or bullied in any way. But then I end up hating myself and thinking I deserve it. That's when I start to cut. Nobody ever understands it, I can't talk to anyone. And if I do, this is there response:

"You have no reason to hate yourself, stop being a big baby and grow up." 

Listen, chances are that you don't know my life well. And chances are that you aren't as emotional as me. Everybody has a different way experiencing emotions. I experience them and I really don't know what else to do. Nobody is causing me to have these emotions, I decide to have them. Well... I don't really know how I can't just make myself happy all the time if I can also make myself sad all the time. It makes no sense. You probably don't understand a word I am saying, because you are probably just like everyone else.

Today at school we found out about a new kid. "This is Alexander Hoiser, he is a new student." Now would be the part where everybody decides whether to bully the guy or keep him as a friend. Except, this Alexander boy was magic... Some people sighed at him, others were whispering. Then something finally peeped out:

"You can be with any of us, just stay away from the skinny girl." A blonde girl named Amanda pointed at me. She was... I guess most popular out of anyone besides me. Alexander looked at me, he looked like I nice person, I was hoping he wouldn't listen to her. And surprisingly he didn't. He came up to me with a bright smile on his face, beaming green eyes, and his hair was all wavy and brown. He shook my hand, and I smiled for the first time in a while.

"Um, hello." I said. I was more used to people being rude to me than being polite to me. Then I remembered: Wait... He is just being polite. He doesn't like me, he never will like me. I knew what I was thinking had to be right. It seems to good to be true. But at least he put an effort in pretending to like me. The worst part was though, I got a weird tingling feeling in my chest when he shook my hand. I had never experienced this before. A lot of people say that this means you like this person, but I've never experienced love, I never planned to experience love...


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