Duets of Complications (OHSHC)

Ouran high school host club FAN FICTION!

After a massive scandal, two young artists decide to 'hide' and get educated. But on their way to get their feet back on the ground, the two get caught in the dramas of the rich!
Jun and Naomi started at Ouran High School because Jun was saved by the mysterious girl Haruhi. To thank Haruhi, Jun wants to help her, but suddenly a host club turns the story upside down and things become even more strange then already.
But Jun and Naomi have to be careful and protect their secrets, by living the lives of their made up boys Tatsuya and Ryo!


2. Weeks Later!

Jun stood in front of her mirror. She was wearing the male uniform. Her shoulders looked gigantic in that blazer, but that may be intended. It is very manly to have broad shoulders, but did it really have to be that much? Jun heard the running foot steps of Naomi. She rushed to Jun and stood right next to her and looked in the mirror.

''Look at my shoulders! I could be a pirate with five parrots on each shoulder!'', she yelled.

''You look very manly though!'', Jun said and giggled. She then ranked her back and measured how tall she was compared to Naomi. She was some centimeters higher.

''Stop it! Shouldn't we get to Ouran?'', Naomi asked. They had already been attending school one week now, but every morning they would still joke about the shoulders.

''Yeah, the limousine is waiting for us'', Jun said. ''After you Ryo~''.

''Okay Tatsuya!'', Naomi said and walked outside their apartment. Jun looked the door and hid the key in her little plushie that hang from her school bag.

''Isn't that too girly?'', Naomi asked as she said on the expensive leather seats. The leather was fake though. Naomi didn't like the way many animals were 'cared' for when making leather. Jun entered the limousine.

''No, my little cousin made it for me, so I though it would be nice to have around me'', Jun said and blinked her eyes. In reality, Jun had made it herself. She liked using her free time making small cute things.

The limousine drove to Ouran and stopped in front of the doors. Jun walked out and waited on Naomi.

''Good morning Ryo and Tatsuya'', three girls yelled and giggled.

''Good morning ladies~'', Naomi said and blinked. The girls then flew away while their eyes shined with happiness and love. Jun laughed a bit and then walked to her class. She was assigned in class 1A while Naomi was assigned in 1B.

''Why do I have to go in an other class than you? And why not in the class with the hot twins?'', she whispered to Jun.

''You could ask to get moved!'', Jun said. She waved goodbye and walked into her class. Jun looked at the back of the class. Down there a mysterious figure sat. Big glasses, messed hair and weird styled clothing. Somewhere in the middle sat two twins, who didn't even bother talking to others. Naomi called them hot and Jun must agree. But they looked so distant from others. Jun sat on her table in second row near the wall. Lessons could begin.


Classes ended and the club activities started. Jun had none, but Naomi was in the music club, so Jun was alone.  She looked through her homework. She and the weird looking guy were assigned on a project together. Jun only had the guys surname. Fujioka. Wisteria something. I wonder if her family runs a flower shop Jun thought. She walked through the halls at Ouran. Jun only stopped to ask if people have seen, in their words, the commoner. And all answered with Library.

1 library: No sight of Fujioka. Only a lot of young boys talking business or cars. Jun walked through the library trying not to get caught in a conversation. But no.

''Hey Tatsuya! What is your opinion on the Radio Starz?'', a second year male student asked. Radio Starz was the company that produces her and Naomi's songs.

''Definitely worth investing in. I have several shares in the company and they are paying out well'', Jun said.  The others nodded and Jun walked away again.

2 library: Gossip! Way too much! But the worst thing was that the gossip was about Naomi and her. That they had 'disappeared' from the earth and hid somewhere. Some called them cowards. Jun had two fight really hard not to go over and give them a lesson or two. She kept her blood calm. When Jun passed the gossiping group she send the a cold stare and walked out.

3 library: Why does this school have so many libraries? This one was mostly full of girls. They weren't as bragging as the boys, but awkwardly formal and polite. Always asking about how the others were feeling, how their families were and saying fake compliments to each other. It made Jun sick.

Jun only reached the  middle of the library, before the three girls from this morning ran over to him. Jun leaned a bit away from them. They got way to close to him and his personal space.

''Where is Ryo?'', a girl with small blonde pigtails asked. She looked like 13. 

''He is in the music club! He plays guitar'', Jun said calmly. She couldn't help but find the three girls cute and a bit naive. The way they admired Naomi.

''Do you know when his club activities end?'', a black haired girl asked.

''No, but I live with him, so I can tell him that you looked after him'', Jun answered. The three girls gasped when they heard that they lived together. Their heads turned red.

''Ehm...ehm..C-Couldn't you then tell him that he looks so handsome with glasses..AND AND that we really want to sit and drink tea with him?'', the blondie asked and blushed. Jun giggled.

''Yeah, sure I can!'', Jun said and smiled. She then walked to the end of the library. Suddenly two girls stood in front of her. Again in her personal space. She walked a step backwards.

''Would you like to sit and study with us Tatsuya-kun?'', the orange haired girl asked. Jun wanted to say that they were too noisy and their fake formalities made her sick, but she knew she couldn't. She had to get along with the other students.

''No thanks. I'm searching for my project partner. Have you seen Fujioka?'', Jun asked politely.

''I think she went to the fourth Library'', the girl answered. Fourth!! Why so many? They only use them as chat rooms anyway! Jun walked out of the library and to the next.

4 library: Overcrowded. Jun sighted. Time flew away and soon school would end. 1 hour or 2.

Jun walked fast paced through the library, but was stopped by her class president.

''Hey Tatsuya! You seem a bit down. What is wrong?'', the class president asked. His name was Kazukiyo Soga. Jun found him very friendly and nice. Not as bragging ad big headed as many other male students.

''I simply can't find Fujioka. That guy is impossible to find!'', Jun said almost sinking down on her knees.

''I think Fujioka went down the hallway. There lies a lot of empty class rooms'', Kazukiyo said.

''Thanks a lot Soga-kun! I have been through all libraries!!'', Jun said and shaked his hands violently. She then ran off full speed. The halls became emptier and emptier. She looked at the music room in the end of the hall. The doors were opened slightly and Jun heard a voice that sounded much like Fujiokas.

Jun slowly pushed to the door. The scenario was hard to describe. Fujioka was hanging over a tiny wooden block, while shatters of an antic vase was lying around the floor. Jun held a gasp in. She spotted the two twins from her class. They switched saying the catastrophe Fujioka had made.

8 million yen minus to the girl who can't afford the school uniform. Jun watched closely. She had only seen such dramas in her classical shojou animes and mangas. If fujioka would transform into a magical girl then it all was a dream or very messed up.

A guy with glasses asked his yellow haired friend about what they should do with fujioka. Jun recognised them as Kyouya Ootori and Tamaki Suoh.  Tamaki talked something about Romans before declaring Fujioka as the host clubs dog or errand boy.

Jun gasped. The eyes immediately felt on her. She slowly backed out. A sudden movement pulled Jun inside the host club.

''Au contraire my freshman!'', Tamaki said as he pulled Jun inside and swung her around. Jun looked shyly up. Why was every host so tall. Except Haninozuka.  ''What are you doing here?''

''I-I..ehm--I wanted to go to the host club, but it seems it hasn't started yet'', Jun said. She noticed Fujioka lying on the ground. ''Are you alright?''

''I think Haruhi needs to rest a bit'', Kyouya said. Haruhi? It couldn't that Haruhi from weeks ago. She looked way different.

The host club filled itself with young ladies. Jun most have read wrong. Club activities lasted much longer.

Haruhi came back from shopping. Jun watched her from a seat close to the centre of the room, so she could watch this weird drama unfold. Suddenly a group of girl gathered around a sofa in front of the sofa where Tamaki sat. They talked about instant coffee. Jun giggled at the rich people. How fun it was to see them react to such a simple thing. Kyouya and the twins gathered around Tamaki. Unlike the others, they talked good about commoners and the cheap instant coffee. Jun family use to buy even cheaper coffee before Jun and Naomi got famous.

Tamaki stood up. ''I will drink this coffee!'', he yelled and people applauded. Agirl with long her whispered something. Jun sensed something bad, but Haruhi didn't really react, so it probably wasn't that bad Jun guessed.

Haruhi prepared the coffee and Tamaki flirtatiously force the ladies to drink it. Juns attention was suddenly drawn to the twins. Suddenly one of them started crying. It looked so cute and sad. Jun felt sorry for him, until his brother dragged his face up to his own and they started doing some incest twins love. Really hot. Jun couldn't help but blush.

Haninozuka and Morinozuka entered the rooms and flipped the young ladies hearts with their cute big brother - little brother like show. Honey-senpai, as people called him, ran and talked to Haruhi before giving her his rabbit. He looked her into the eyes before running off. Weird guy. Jun stood up and walked over to Haruhi. Kyouya asked about a passport. Didn't she own one?

''What are you guys talking about'', Jun asked.

''Haruhi needs a make over or else no girls gonna talk to him'', Tamaki said.

''All that matters is what's on the inside'', Haruhi said. Jun smiled. Tamaki then started, what turned out to be the longest speech about beauty. Unbearable. Haruhi and Jun seemed to share the thoughts because Haruhi, with no holding back, called him obnoxious. Jun whispered a small ''agreed'', before Haruhi had to lift Tamakis spirit again. The twins interrupted.

''He is not going far with these looks'', they said and one of them pulled of Haruhis glasses, only to reveal the most beautiful brown eyes. Jun recognised them. It was her Haruhi. The one who saved her lives. Before Jun could say anything, the twins ran off with her, Kyouya took his phone, Mori-senpai ran off to get contacts.

Honey-senpai was given the task to eat cake. Seeing the sad third year student, Jun decided to join him. He couldn't be more annoying than her younger brothers. Honey-senpai was a third year, right?

Haruhi came out of the changing room. She had absolutely changed. She was shining like a diamond. 'Pretty as a girl' as Tamaki said. Haruhi was promoted to host immediately. Tamaki made himself his tutor. Jun only watched. It was weird being in the background. She didn't want to get dragged into this troublesome host club.

Haruhi was of nature very lovable. Her background story drew girls to her like metal and magnets. Fantastic. Jun listened carefully to her story. Haruhi was an amazing person and Jun really wanted to become friends with Haruhi.

Tamaki held an eye on Haruhi and calling her to him. Soon he was swinging her around in his arms after Haruhi talked to the girl from earlier. She was a princess. Waow!

Haruhi cried for help. Tamaki was getting out of control. Jun walked over to save Haruhi, but Mori-senpai was faster. He simply lifted the brown eyed natural sweetie into the air. After a couple of seconds , she was sat down on the floor again. The princess stared at Haruhi and Jun sensed something bad again. That girl couldn't be trusted.

A splash was heard. No one made any attention to it. Haruhi looked after her bag to get some papers for the project. Jun stood by the window holding her own bag. Suddenly she noticed something swimming around in the water. Haruhis back! Jun showed it to Haruhi and they ran down the halls. The princess walked towards the host club. She spoke to Haruhi.

''Oh, it's you again. I bet you love Tamaki making you over and foundling over you. It's useless though. You're always gonna be a second class citizen.'' the princess said. Jun hand formed into a fist and she was ready to run over and knock her out. What a cruel beast! Haruhi stood silent and then calmed Jun down.

''I have a feeling that the girl was the one who threw my stuff into the pond'', Haruhi said. Jun nodded.

''I think so too. I could sense she was a bad person'', Jun said. They fished many things up. A wallet was missing. Suddenly Tamaki stood and watched them. He stepped into the pond and helped. He found the wallet. Like money was literally flying to him. Jun guessed why he was rich.

''Why did  your bag end up in the pond anyway?'', Tamaki asked. Jun wanted to tell him, but Haruhi cut her off.

''I guess I dropped out of the window at some point'', she answered.

Inside the princess requested Haruhi. What a weird cruel thing Jun thought. Jun watched Haruhi from a distant. That princess couldn't be trusted.

The air near their table became cold suddenly. Icy. The table felt and rose pedals flew everywhere. The princess screamed and Haruhi was in shock. The twins cooled them down by pouring tea on them. That's gonna be sticky. Jun ran over to the drama.

''You threw his bag into the pond didn't you?'', Tamaki said. The princess made a fuss, but Tamaki believes more in Haruhi than her. Jun looked at the twins and forced her giggle inside. Their faces were hilarious!

But a punishment came. The customer goal was 10x! 1000 requests for Haruhi. She was given a spare uniform, so she could change. Jun stood guard while she changed, but Tamaki demanded to give Haruhi something.

And now everyone knew she was a girl. She didn't make a big fuss about it, because she didn't care. She thanked Tamaki and complimented him for his actions towards the princess. His face turned red. Haruhi joked around and Jun laughed with her.

The host club ended and Haruhi changed back into the clothes she wore in the beginning. She now had to attend the host club every day. The last girls ran over to Jun.

''Tatsuya? Are you becoming a host?'', a girl asked.

''Not what I know'', Jun replied and smiled. The girls awww'ed before the walked towards the door. Before they could get out, Naomi stormed inside.

''I've been looking for you everywhere!'', Naomi yelled and almost attacked Jun with a guitar.

''Ryo-kun! Do you play guitar?'', another girl asked. Naomi swirled around. Jun noticed the similarities between her and Tamaki.

''Yes I do my ladies'', Ryo said very charmingly. The girls squeeled and flew away.

''Got room for me and mr. music? I could be the errand boy, so Haruhi can focus on hosting'', Jun said and looked at Kyouya. She felt that this way she could thank Haruhi for saving her.

''Well I guess tha-'', Kyouya said, but was cut off by Tamaki, who had fallen in love with the two youngs girls/boys.

''YES! You two are gorgeous young boys and the ladies love you! The musical type and the errand boy are things that we miss!'', Tamaki said and hugged the boys. Jun laughed. All the laughs she had held inside all day from watching the host club flew out and lightened the room. The others smiled and laughed too.


A great way to end the day!

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