Duets of Complications (OHSHC)

Ouran high school host club FAN FICTION!

After a massive scandal, two young artists decide to 'hide' and get educated. But on their way to get their feet back on the ground, the two get caught in the dramas of the rich!
Jun and Naomi started at Ouran High School because Jun was saved by the mysterious girl Haruhi. To thank Haruhi, Jun wants to help her, but suddenly a host club turns the story upside down and things become even more strange then already.
But Jun and Naomi have to be careful and protect their secrets, by living the lives of their made up boys Tatsuya and Ryo!


1. In Silent Rain

The summer was ending and it was felt immediately. The rain wasn't stormy or wild, just ongoing and silent. It was 4 PM and a young boy was walking to his apartment in Bunkyō, Tokyo.

Well, actually it was a girl, but her current situation made it hard for her to be female. Her name is Jun Seki and she is a famous singer, songwriter and model. Through the last days Jun and her friend Naomi Fujiwara, who sings with her in a band named after themselves, have had some drama with the public and with the newspapers. Their privacy was at a point none existing and they were constantly stalked. Then one day at a conference, a journalist asked them about their education and when they told that they didn't have any, as they had become extremely famous at a very young age, it made them stand in a  bad light. Newspapers started bad-talking them and people were blaming them for teaching children and teenagers wrong things. But what made it all tilt was the attacks. Naomi was attacked on open street.  From that day on, Jun and Naomi cross-dressed. Why that? Because it was stupid to just colour their hair and get a haircut. People still recognized them. But one day Jun was looking through their webpage with their music videos. Jun looked at the music video for 'Romantic Run' where Jun was dressed as a boy. Their manager couldn't find a good enough guy, so Jun was dressed as a boy, because she is more boyish and muscular. Jun laughed when she saw herself being a boy.  She scrolled down to read the comments. Her blue-purple eyes widened as she read. Everyone was asking who the boy was. Others were talking about how feminine the boy looked, but no one was suspecting a think. And that was the day they decided to dress as boys.

4 PM in Bunkyō,  Jun walked home in the silent rain. Her hair was sat up, so it was short. She was wearing very modern and stylish boys clothing. Jun walked slow down the streets next to a couple of threes. Suddenly, two guys surrounded her.

''Give us your money you little girl'', the tallest said as he leaned in forward.

''Stop calling me a girl! And I don't have any money on me!'', Jun said. Her was having aggressive hints.

''Girly!!'', the other boy said. The boys violently searched his pockets. Suddenly a voice spoke up loudly.

''Hey! Leave the guy alone!'', a girl yelled. Suddenly, people around them looked at the boys. The two boys could scared. The tallest hid Jun across the face before he and his friend ran off.  Jun felt to the ground.The girl came closer to Jun. She wore a pink dress, a white t-shirt and a simple necklace with some brown stones. Jun looked at her closely. If it weren't for the dress and the voice, she would have thought it was a boy for sure, because the hair was weird and the glasses too.

''Are you alright?'' The girl asked. Her brown eyes were friendly and calming and friendly. Jun felt save with her instantly.

''Yeah, it's only a scratch'', Jun said. ''Thanks for saving me''. Jun looked up and smiled.

''Here, I have a patch for the wound. By the way, my name is Haruhi'', the girl said. Haruhi handed Jun the patch.

''Thanks a lot. My name is..'', Jun said and stopped. What should she say? Jun was a unisex name, but it would be stupid to say her real name. ''Eh...eh...ehm'', Jun stuttered. ''Tatsuya!''

''Nice to meet you Tatsuya'', Haruhi said. ''Are you also starting on Ouran Academy?''. Jun had heard about the school and had also sended Naomi and her own registration papers to them. They were waiting on an answer. Jun stood up and brushed some dirt off her.

''I hope so! If just half of the school is filled with people like you, it would be amazing'', Jun said and smiled. Haruhi returned the smile. Jun looked at her watch. 4:30 PM.  She said goodbye to Haruhi and walked away. After some meters she started running. She had to know if they were accepted to Ouran. Jun stopped in front of some big apartments. She ran inside and rushed up the wooden stairs, through the hall and into a giant room filled with posters, CDs, stage clothings and make up. Naomi turned around and looked puzzled at Jun. She was eating a pocky stick and was wearing giant head phones. Her chocolate brown hair reached her shoulders and her tropical ocean blue eyes met Juns. Naomi was beautiful and Jun would love to tell her more often than she already did. These two girls formed the perfect duo. The one being more serious and silent looking, while the other was a rocking beauty. But there personalities were opposite of each other. Jun had something going with looking sweet and shy, while she actually was clever, judgmental, aggressive, protective and completely stubborn. Naomi had something going with looking like a rebel, she was open hearted, sweet, a bit clumsy, caring for others, free spirited, carefree to problematics and loving in general. They were Yin and Yang.  Jun ran over to Naomi, which almost caused Naomi to fall backwards.

''Did we get a letter from Ouran Academy?'', Jun asked very stressed. She knew Naomi didn't really care for school or other things that could turn out problematic.

''I think so....give me a minute'', Naomi said and walked to a shelf. She searched in a big pile of paper before she took a small letter out. She gave it to Jun.

''I think we got it two weeks ago or so'', Naomi said and adjusted her glasses.

''TWO WEEKS AGO?!? Why wasn't I told about that??'', Jun yelled. Naomi looked  upwards in a 'I-don't-care'-gesture and shrugged

''Because I forgot'', Naomi said and sat back on her chair.

''And what about uniforms?'', Jun asked.

''No idea'', Naomi smiled with a catface. Jun sighted. She opened the letter and read it slowly. When she reached the bottom of the letter she smiled and jumped up and down.

''We were accepted on the rich academy!'', Jun said. That was just one nickname for Ouran. Naomi jumped up and hugged Jun.

''Rich Bitch Academy'', Naomi said and the two laughed their hearts out. A maid knocked on the door.

''Dinner is ready and the house is cleaned'', she said.

''You are allowed to go home for today'', Jun said in a polite and formal voice. The maid made a bow and then walked away.

After dinner, Jun went to bath and then listened to music to get inspiration. She did it often and it had helped them in producing some songs. Jun always told Naomi that they could sing with their hearts, but also had to have eyes on what was getting popular. Naomi found it strange but agreed. She believes that music should talk about life and love. Jun didn't deny it, but had to be serious. If they weren't selling good enough, they would be forgotten and they couldn't get the money to make music.

Jun went to bed. She always went to bed hours earlier than Naomi. Jun thought about Ouran and how weird it would be to attend the school. Before their fame, they had been commoners and Juns family had problems with the economy, since her mothers back was impossible to heal and her father a mechanic. It was weird lying in a bed that cost more than the cars they usually bought. Jun felt blessed and thanked God many times for becoming rich and famous. She turned off the lights and slept. The summer holidays would end in a week and then she and Naomi would attend Ouran as boys.


A plan so stupid it might work.


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