Duets of Complications (OHSHC)

Ouran high school host club FAN FICTION!

After a massive scandal, two young artists decide to 'hide' and get educated. But on their way to get their feet back on the ground, the two get caught in the dramas of the rich!
Jun and Naomi started at Ouran High School because Jun was saved by the mysterious girl Haruhi. To thank Haruhi, Jun wants to help her, but suddenly a host club turns the story upside down and things become even more strange then already.
But Jun and Naomi have to be careful and protect their secrets, by living the lives of their made up boys Tatsuya and Ryo!


3. Dance Party?

Jun and Naomi, living the lives of the fake boys Tatsuya and Ryo, were made members of the host club the same day they found out it existed.

They were preparing themselves for another day at Ouran. Jun stood next to Naomi in their hallway, staring at the mirror.

''Do you think they play Rugby at Ouran?'', Jun asked Naomi. She looked at Jun with a questioning expression.

''No. Why are you asking?'', Naomi said.

''Because with these big shoulders they could!'', Jun said. They both Laughed as they drove to Ouran in the limousine.


Ryo was a host and was loved by many girls. Who wouldn't love the music playing rebel?

Sadly, Tatsuya was the dog..

''Dog are cute.....Am I cute?'', Jun asked Naomi while they walked towards the host club. Jun made big puppy eyes. The girls around them squeeled.

''Yeah, you are my little doggy!'', Naomi said flirtatious and tried to lift Jun. No succes. ''Big doggy''.

''Woof woof'', Jun said and formed her hands like puppy paws.

''Where is the host club again?'', Naomi asked. No sense of direction.

''Here we go!'', Jun yelled and lifted Naomi up bridal style. Naomi blushed and felt embarrassed. Her glasses were falling off. Jun carried Naomi  to the host club. A huge group of female students walked close behind them. They all loved the cute way Jun carried Naomi around. Naomi had lost a lot of weight lately and Jun could feel it. It scared her. Naomi had been to the hospital once, because she stopped eating.

The girls/boys entered the host club and Kyouya had to tell the female students to wait until the host club started. When the doors closed, Jun set Naomi down and stared into her eyes.

''Are you eating all three meals?'', Jun asked with a serious voice.

''Yes I am. And a snack here and there'', Naomi answered. It must be the girls and the hosting that caused Naomi to lose weight.

''Hey, when you two love birds are done, change into the Bali clothing for todays theme'', the Hitachiin twins said. Bali theme? The twins threw two bags at Jun and Naomi.

''No need to call us love birds, gay-overlords'', Jun said. The Hitachiin bros hissed. No one really ever told them back like that before. Naomi laughed.

''Over gay-lords'', Naomi said and laughed. ''Sorry guys. We just love to tease people and talk back''.

''Better get used to it!'', Jun said. The twins turned to each other and then to Jun and Naomi.

''Well, we too like to tease'', They said. Tamaki entered the room wearing his Bali clothing.

''Yesh. Hikaru and Kaoru are small devils.'', Tamaki said and sighted. ''Anyway, get dressed!''. Jun and Naomi went to the changing rooms and took off the uniforms. Bandages and a corset kept the breasts in place.

''Does the corset hurt much?'' Jun asked. She was wearing bandages around her own breasts. Naomi needed a corset. because the bandages couldn't hold her own.

''Only the first hour of wearing it'', she said and changed. One of the outfits had some sort of top and Jun gave it to Naomi. It was easier to explain bandages than a corset. Jun helped Naomi with the gigantic necklace.

When the two entered the host club again, the entire room looked like a jungle. It was even more warm than before. Rich people are weird.

''Are you ready for your first day?'', Tamaki asked. He looked like a jungle king. Very handsome.

''Excuse me Tamaki, but why Bali theme?'', Jun asked. Tamaki layed his hands on her and Naomis shoulders.

''It's easy!  The hot tropical countries, filled with young attractive boys that allow the ladies to dream of adventures and mystical tropical love!'', Tamaki explained and swung his arms around. Jun moved backwards and fell in a Matrix style.

''Sorry. Here!'', Tamaki said and reached his hand for Jun and pulled her up. They stood face to face. The distance was only a couple of centimetres. Jun blushed a bit. ''You have pretty eyes'', Tamaki said. Jun slipped her hand out of Tamakis hand.

''T-thanks! The same goes to you'', Jun stuttered. She brushed her back.

''I'm opening the doors'', Kyouya said and opened the doors. Or the gates to hell, because hundreds of female students stormed the room and found their seats. The hosts began to work their magic. Except Jun who was getting tea and cake. She sat a couple of tea cups at Naomis table and filled them with tea.

''Why aren't you a host?'', a girl asked. Jun smiled at her.

''Well, I don't really know if I'm good enough to be a host. But going from table to table still leads to a conversation with you lovely ladies, so I don't really need to be a host'', Jun said and gave her a cup of tea. The girl blushed.

''Yeah, y-you are right!'', She said.

''I'll be going again. Talk to you later!'', Jun said happily and waved. The girl squeeled. It was fun to be such a womanizer. Would Jun just be herself, she probably wouldn't even be able to talk to Tamaki or Haruhi. Jun was born introvert, but since she wasn't herself, but a made up boy named Tatsuya, she could be free of any shame or trouble.

The doors to the host club opened and the honor student was stepping in. Way too late, since the host club already had started half an hour ago.

''What's up with this place'', Haruhi asked. Kyouya informed her about Tamakis idea, which Kyouya actually had 'planted' in his head. Tamaki had a speech of his sleeves again.

Tamaki announced that the host club was hosting a party. Very much to the surprise of Haruhi, Jun and Naomi.

Haruhi talked to Kyouya and it seemed like a little light lite up. Haruhi walked over and talked to her clients. Jun filled up her drink and went around to the other hosts. Honey-senpai saw Jun wearing her very unspectacular tropical outfit. It was a pretty sad sight in comparence to the other outfits.

''Here you go Utau-chan'', Honey-senpai said and gave Jun a flower necklace.

''Thanks Honey-senpai! But why did you call me utau-chan?'', Jun asked.

''Because when you talk, it sounds like a little song!'', Honey-senpai said.''And you are humming when you chores!''. Jun blushed a bit. She hadn't realised it at all.

Tamaki suddenly sank to the ground. Jun asked him why and he just pointed at Haruhi, who was talking with a girl. Jun really didn't understand, but Tamaki wasn't a guy you had to understand. Just look, smile and nod.

When the host club was over, all members gathered together to plan the party. Kyouya was writting and sending messages with his computer. Tamaki sat alone and ate 'commoners' ramen.

''Are you bother that Princess Kasuga has taking a liking to Haruhi'', one of the twins asked. Kyouya explained that Kasuga had the host hopping disease and the twins explained what it was. Jun and Naomi suddenly had a liking to that girl. They did probably do the same if they were girls in the host club. All the hosts were amazing, so why not?

''Haruhi, it's time you start dressing like a girl!'' Tamaki yelled. Jun and Naomi sended a horrifying look at each other and then looked back at Tamaki. He pulled up a old picture of what was a younger Haruhi. She was a real beauty.

The host club all stared at the picture. How dd Haruhi end up like she did? Gum in her hair was the answer. And Haruhi being Haruhi, didn't care for what gender she looked like. Suddenly the subject formal dance was broad up. Jun, Naomi and Haruhi sweatdropped. Haruhi wasn't interested in the party and can't dance.

''Well, I can't dance'', Jun said.

''Me neither'', Naomi said. The host club stared at the three. Haruhi was forced to learn to dance, or else Tamaki would tell everyone that she was a girl. He than looked at the two other girls.

''Well..'', Tamaki said. ''Twins, that will be your job!''. The twins looked at Jun and Naomi and then up at Tamaki.

''Why us? Tatsuya is just an errand boy and someone else can teach Ryo'', they said.

''Every host member shall dance! And if Tatsuya can make the girls at the party happy, he too can become a host'', Tamaki said. Jun looked at Tamaki with big eyes!

''Thank you so much!'', Jun said.

''You and Ryo are really good at hosting, even when you are just an errand boy, so it would only be natural to make you the little princes of the host club'', Tamaki said and swung his arms around. Naomi and Jun sended the twins a nasty look.

''This is going to be very fun'', the girls said.

The next days all three girls practiced their dancing. Haruhi danced with Kasuga, who was a really good dance partner for Haruhi. Jun danced with Kaoru and Ryo danced with Hikaru. It was a weird situation.

''May I ask you a thing?'', Jun asked Kaoru, who just had placed her hands on his hips.

''Yes?'', Kaoru asked and raised an eyebrow.

''Which are you? Hikaru or Kaoru?'', Jun asked. She still hadn't learned the difference between the two. Kaoru sighted.

''I'm Kaoru'', he said. ''Come on and dance already''. Jun started really slowly. She would as a japanese popstar dance on the stage, but not Waltz. She could only remember some things from her when her parents got married. Jun looked at Naomi. She was scolded a bit by Hikaru for not following the exact orders. In an unfocused moment, Jun stepped on Kaoru's pants that reached lower than his shoes, causing him to fall and pull Jun with him.

''I'm so sorry!'', Jun said. She was lying with her face on the ground, but her body was on Kaoru. He wasn't build very muscular, but he was fit for sure. And kinda nice to lay on.

''Don't worry. You are not that heavy'', Kaoru said. Jun stood up and reached a hand to Kaoru.

''I think it may be enough for today'', Jun said and Kaoru agreed. He wasn't so bad at all. Jun looked at Naomi and Hikaru. Naomi tried to make Hikaru spin around but failed.

''Well that didn't work at very well'', Hikaru said and laughed. He found it silly of Naomi/Ryo to believe that she/he could make it. Naomi laughed too.

A weird feeling was filling the air. Jun looked at Haruhi, who was talking with Kyouya and some boy, who held a box of china. Kasuga suddenly talked to Haruhi and the boy and Kasuga looked weirdly at each other. Something must be between those two. The boy left and the air was silent. That was until Tamaki spoke.

Haruhi started asking in to the relationship between Kasuga and the boy. Kasuga stressed up and left the host club. That was pretty weird. Honey-senpai explained that they were engaged. That was really surprising, since it seemed that Kasuga wanted distance from him. Kyouya and the twins classified him as boring. Tamaki stood up and spoke loudly. The host club was assigned to make girls happy and also Kasuga.


Tamaki and Kyouya stood in their smokings and opened the party. Tatsuya was wearing a black shirt and a white west. To top it all, she was wearing a little violet butterfly. Ryo was wearing a bordeuax red blazer and a white shirt. And a little black tie. They looked more spectacular than the twins in their weird pattern vests. Tamaki and the rest looked more host club like. Even Haruhi in her simple clothing looked better.

Jun and Naomi went to the twins.

''Hey you two, why you looking so boring?'', Jun asked.

''Well, it's just a little party so we didn't want to overdress'', One of them said.

''Yeah, it would be a shame to roll all the big guns out now'', The other said. Jun rolled her eyes. Kyouya told Haruhi that she could go and eat something, in which Haruhi asked for fancy tuna. So cute. Jun, Naomi and the twins hugged her as Kyouya ordered the fancy tuna.

The party was going well and everyone was dancing. When Kasuga wanted to dance with Haruhi, Haruhi was kidnapped and changed into a real girl. She was a bit clueless, but the plan was simple. The twins gave her make up and soon she looked adorable. Jun was almost crying at her beauty. Haruhi could be a model and Jun would have called her manager, if it wasn't that awkward to randomly do.  Haruhi was send to meet with Toru in a classroom, her road was long and painful. Poor Haruhi didn't know how to walk in those shoes.  The other hosts went back to the party. Jun laughed silently as she knew what expected Haruhi. A love letter written by Her, Naomi and the twins. The twins were writing it, while Jun spit some anime words here and there and Naomi finished it with a cheesy love poesi. Poor Haruhi.

Tamaki was leading Kasuga to Toru and Haruhi and Jun was really hoping for the plan to work out. She was a hopeless romantic and would have loved to follow them closely, but she wasn't skilled in being a spy. Jun stood with Naomi and the twins at the buffet. It was filled with all sorts of gourmet food and fruits. The twins took bananas, while Naomi and Jun went for the mini pancakes.

A lot of fast foot steps were heard outside the dancing hall. The big lights went on the two young students Toru and Kasuga, who were standing outside among the cherry blossom pedals. Tamaki announced that Kasuga and Toru were given the last waltz of the evening. The couple was really cute and the danced beautifully.

''May this awkward couple be forever blessed'', Tamaki said and swung his arms out. He must have gotten pretty muscular and trained arms with all this swinging around. The twins had finished their bananas and dropped the peels on the floor. Jun picked up the one of their peels. Kaoru looked at her.

''What are you doing?'', he asked.

''Well, this is disgusting, so I'm throwing it in a trash can like a normal person should'', Jun said and did.  She couldn't find the second one.
The twins annouced that Haruhi was kissing the queen, Kasuga, instead of Tamaki. And with a little reward from Kyouya, Haruhi ade her way down to Kasuga

''Well you don't think this is Haru-chans first kiss, do you?'', Honey-senpai asked. Tamaki was not happy with that thought and tried to stop it. But if you let, in Kyuoyas words, a moron do things, then it's destined to go wrong and yes did. Tamaki slipped on Hikaru's banana peel and pushed Haruhi onto Kasuga's lips and shocked everyone. Many fangirls were happy, but some were crying in the background. It was a hilarious sight.

And that's how a wonderful night ended!


Except for poor Tamaki.


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