the true high school experince

this is the full on get wrecked truth about high school the preps, the jocks the geeks and stoners ( and of course a pregnant girl or two) LOL.
; )


1. those freshman freaks

so i just started my senior year and all ready my school is more superficial than last year its as if there is no realness left in this world at least not in high school, NOTE: this next thing might be the only thing i like about high school. I love to watch the freshman come in looking so sophisticated for two days and then come in the third day and have on nothing but camo on talking about how redneck  they are. (PATHETIC) any ways freshman are so sad  or super cokey they either look where ever to fit in or just disappear into the shadows waiting for next year to come to spread there wings. and then there's Freshman friday  every first years worst nightmare. were upper classmen unrelentlessly  tease and torture the souls of those poor freshmen. of course if your a freshman with connections then your basically untouchable. then there's the freshman that one of their parents works at the school which has to be the most embarrassing thing ever.  in conclusion for freshman  too bad so sad. :(

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