What Came Before He Shot Her

Jack Wison, nothing but a simple psychiatrist and consellor, has been asked to help in the murder of Tanaquil Roberts, what he faces on his journey is up to him.


3. The Encounter

My eyes began to burn and all I could see was an orange colour, I move my body to try and get this burning sensation away from my eyes but the burning, grew worse and worse before I open suddenly open them and violently sit up rubbing my eyes to make them feel better, I look around to see to what caused it, of course with my stupidity I forgot to close the curtains on my windows last night *sigh* why do I always do this? I get up out of my bed and look out the window; it’s cloudy and foggy again today, what is it with this shit weather? Oh well that doesn’t matter, I get out of my pajamas, throw on my black slacks with my white shirt and red tie then to finish it off I put on my black vest with my shoes, you always have to look professional with what I do. I grab my briefcase and walk out of the house, I had the card in my vest pocket and I check to see the address ‘15 Peppermint Grove’ is what it had written on it, not far from where I was, about a 20 minute walk.

“15 Peppermint Grove it is then” I say to myself without realizing that there was no one in the room, no wonder I have no friends *laughs* I walk on the foot path, the fog isn’t as bad as I expected it to be so without a care I kept walking, there was a slight cool breeze, the wind flowed through my short brown hair, I look away for a split second because the wind was making my eyes water and I see a shadow like figure from the corner of my eye, I turn my head so I’m looking directly at the figure but there was nothing there, a shiver danced down my spine and goose bumps appeared all over my skin.

“What the fuck was that?” I’m so creeped out that I speed walk to the destination that I need to go to, I sharply turn around the corner and without realizing it I was running, running so fast to make sure that who or what that thing was wasn’t following me, an image flashed before my eyes and all I see is that shadowy figure from the corner of my eye again, all of a sudden time slowed down and everything was moving slowly and the shadowy figure grew closer and closer, it was so close, it was like I could feel it breathing, its arm reaches out about to touch me but then it vanishes right before my eyes and I hit the cold cement hard

“Ow, what the...” I look up to see what I had hit and to my luck I hit a tree. I stagger to my feet clutching my forehead, I look around to see where I was and I then notice a familiar building, it was where I needed to be, this was 15 Peppermint Grove.

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