What Came Before He Shot Her

Jack Wison, nothing but a simple psychiatrist and consellor, has been asked to help in the murder of Tanaquil Roberts, what he faces on his journey is up to him.


2. The Decision

I’m walking through the park, the weather isn’t really good, it’s cloudy and about to rain, and the fog is affecting my short brown hair, it really makes it hard to see considering I have glasses; I almost bumped into an elderly woman pushing a trolley, stacked with groceries.

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you there” I felt so bad, the last thing I would want to do is to bowl over a poor, helpless old lady.

“It’s alright young man, I didn’t see you there either” I felt a lot better knowing this old lady didn’t get hurt and knowing that she wasn’t mad at. I kept walking, I wasn’t going anywhere in particular I just needed to clear and think about if I was going to go through with the help of the investigation, every single time I thought about it my head would hurt, is it really that hard to decide on this? *sigh* I want to help but I don’t want to die in the process. What am I doing? This isn’t me, I never back down from anything, but why does this frighten me a little? I’ve never felt like this before, it’s intimidating feeling like this, I didn’t think I had any fears, any demons to face in my life, clearly I was wrong.

I keep walking, past all the buildings and shops at least the fog has cleared a bit so I can see clearer now, I keep walking on the side walk, past this mysterious building, it had an eerie feel to it, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand, it gave me the shivers, what was so creepy about this building? I keep walking towards this building; I hate it when my curiosity takes over me, I can see this building clearer now, it seemed like a house, it was really beautiful, it was three, four storeys high, it was black with a balcony. I was so sidetracked by its beauty that I didn’t realize the yellow police tape around it, I started to think, what happened? Was it black because of a fire? Little that I knew, that house had something to do with the murder of Tanaquil Roberts.

I’m heading back to my office; I can see the route I’m going through clearly now that the fog has cleared, I walk a bit faster than before  now that I don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone. I reach my office steps and start to walk up them slowly because of my bad knees; seven years of tackle footy can do that to you, I reach the door and open it, pick up the card the detective left and go to the phone. I’ve decided to help with the investigation; I think it’ll be a good experience for me and who knows I might actually enjoy it.

I dial the number and let it ring but no one picked up. Well that’s just great, lucky he left the address on the card, I’ll go see him tomorrow.


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