What Came Before He Shot Her

Jack Wison, nothing but a simple psychiatrist and consellor, has been asked to help in the murder of Tanaquil Roberts, what he faces on his journey is up to him.


6. The Attack

I decide to go to the black house; I need some sort of understanding of what’s happening to me, I cautiously walk down the route and make myself aware of my surroundings. I try to cover up my fear but my face was really white, it was like I dipped my face in a bag of flour, I’m walking past a bunch of people now, which is good at least I know there is still human life but they are all staring at me like I’m a weirdo, yes I’m white as a ghost right now but if you saw what I saw you would be white too. I wasn’t going to say that aloud clearly they would think that I’m a bit crazy.
I continue to walk down the route; I think I’m almost there, I’m still a bit spooked when I take this route because of what I encountered, I still remember that thing clear as day, the way timed slowed down, the way it moved closer and closer and almost touched me. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

I continue to walk down the road and turn the corner, that’s when I saw the house, it still gives me a chill. I walk towards it, the yellow police tape stood out more than anything. I walk up the steps and go to open the door, the cold door knob froze my hand, and it was so cold it made it numb for a few seconds. I turn the door knob and budge the door but it won’t budge, was something blocking it? *sigh* I really don’t want to go through the window but that could be my only chance to get one step closer with this investigation.
I go over to the window and I’m not surprised it was locked as well, I turn around about to abandon the idea but I suddenly stop because of a creaking noise. I turn around and see that the door had opened, I got the chills again, I wanted to run but I restrained myself.

“You got to be fucking kidding me” why does all the creepy shit happen to me? I go through the doorway and examine the house, it was bigger in the inside then the outside and it looked big enough on the outside. The first floor was carpeted with stairs leading up to the second floor and with a big chandelier hanging from the roof. I go the light switch and try and turn on the lights, they flickered then went off, great just what I need no lights in a spooky house.

I continue up the steps and feel a gush of wind behind me, I sharply turn around to find out that nothing was there, I didn’t like this one bit at least the door was still open so I could run when I needed to. I turned left and it leads me down a dark, spooky hallway. I continue to walk down it until I reached a door, I was hesitant at first but I needed to figure out this houses involvement to the investigation, so I grabbed the door knob and turned it, to my surprise the door actually opened without trouble. I open it slightly and peep my through the gap, there was a bed, wardrobe, dresser with a lamp and a couple of windows, was this Tanaquil’s room? I enter the room and have a look, there wasn’t a lot in there just a few clothes, I was about to leave but I check the dresser drawers and found some photos and papers, it was too dark see anything so I open the curtains to reveal some sunlight but the windows were boarded, whoever lived here must’ve loved their privacy.

I walk out the door and head down the hallway back to where I was, I continue to go straight because down to the other side before turning right revealing another hallway but with more rooms. I look in every room but there weren’t a lot of things, just a few newspaper articles and a flashlight, I check to see if it works and it turns on, a light beaming out of it lighting the hallway so I can see my path. I was about to give up but I thought I should check the last room. I approach but I hesitate to open because I hear weeping, why was someone in here when there was police tape around the house? I cautiously open the door and shine the flashlight slowly around the room.
I move the flashlight slowly so I can observe every detail of the room, the wall paper; well what’s left of it was ripped off. I listen to the weeping some more and slowly move the flashlight to where it was, my jaw drops and my eyes widen what I see, it was out of this world. A woman, sitting down in the corner, her hands clutched to her face with giant long fingernails that were red, were they covered in blood? She removes her hands from her face and slowly turns to look at me, her skin was grey, and her eyes were white with no pupil.

She slowly rose to her feet and started to growl, if her plan was to intimidate me, it worked.  She growled louder and louder before letting out a piercing scream and charged at me with her hands out in front of her. I froze in fear, paralyzed, I couldn’t move, was this it for me? She ran, shaking her arms around in a frenzied attack but suddenly she face planted and hit the floor with a hard thud, she had tripped. She groaned in pain but immediately jumped to her feet dazed. I turn and run, run as fast as I can, I run down the hallway, her footsteps and scream echoing through the house.

I sharply turn around the corner and jump down the stairs towards the door. It was wide open; this was my chance to escape. I’m running towards the door so close to escape but then it slams shut and I run into it.

“Owww” what the fuck happened? That door was open just a minute ago. I hear the high pitched scram and the footsteps. I quickly scramble to my feet and tug at the door trying to open it. It wouldn’t budge; I tug at it again but still no change. I frantically run around, looking for an escape. I go to a window and tug at it but it wouldn’t budge either. I look for something to smash the window with, there was nothing, I frantically empty my pockets but I had nothing, then I remembered the flashlight. I grab the other end of and smash the window open, the glass shattered everywhere. I jump trying to reach it but it was too high.

I grab a chair and quickly slide it to the window I climb up on the chair and about to climb out of the window but I’m stopped by a sudden stabbing pain in my leg. I look behind me and see the women had dug her massive fingernails in my leg; she dug them deeper and deeper. I scream in agony and almost let go of the windowsill, I swung my other leg around and kicked her in the face. She crashed to the floor clutching her face and writhing in pain. I climb over and land on the hard cement, scramble to my feet and run.

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