What Came Before He Shot Her

Jack Wison, nothing but a simple psychiatrist and consellor, has been asked to help in the murder of Tanaquil Roberts, what he faces on his journey is up to him.


5. A Clue To The Investigation

I’m walking back to my house, clutching the folder tight so I don’t drop it. I was a bit nervous to walk back the route I came because of that mysterious figure I saw, was it real? Was I dreaming? *sigh* I really don’t know what it was. I decided to open the folder so I could a head start on things, there was a bunch of photos that caught my eye, I flick through them and notice something that was familiar, a black house, it looked like it was two maybe three storeys high, that’s when it hit me, the beautiful black house that gave off an eerie, creepy feel to it. I knew where I was heading to next, I decide to go through the route where the housed was located.

I keep staring at the photo trying to figure out what this house had to do with anything, I was baffled, was this house bad? Is that where the murder of Tanaquil happened? This is harder than I thought, why did I think this would be easy? I look at the photo some more and I notice something weird about it, something different, I look close and notice the photo had changed; it had a young Hispanic woman, smiling revealing her teeth, I swear she wasn’t there before, I look through the other photos to see if this woman is a part of the investigation, I keep rummaging and the only photo I can find is of the victim Tanaquil, I look back at the photo, my jaw drops, my eyes widen, the photo had changed again. It was different completely, this time the woman, Tanaquil, was just standing there, staring straight at me but she was different, her eyes had no resemblance of life and her skin was paler than before. I keep staring and my jaw drops even more, the woman began to move, closer and closer until all I could see was her face, her head violently tilts to the side and she screams, her face begins to deform and she screams louder and louder. I drop to my knees and drop the photo, I block my ears with my hands to try and block out the piercing scream running through me. I look at the photo and a light emits from it getting brighter and brighter before sending out a shockwave that sends me flying away from it.

I land on my back, the cold, hard concrete sending a pain throughout my body, I scream in pain, clutching my back; I stagger to my feet before a strong wind blows away the folder full of evidence and clues. I run after the folder, the papers scattering everywhere, I grab one and then grab two but all of a sudden the wind stops, the folder floats in the air and all the papers and photos return to it, even the ones from my hand. The folder falls to the ground with a loud smack and lands in front of me, I pick it up and open it to see if everything was there but I’m cut short by a loud piercing voice.

“STAY BACK!!” I jump and drop the folder by accident, I look around to see if anywhere was near me but there was no one in sight. I grab the folder again and run to back to my house, no way was I going to that black house, no way, I’ve had enough craziness for one day but I suddenly stop and look down at the folder, I look in shock and horror the folder had ‘HELP ME’ written on it, a shiver runs down my spine again, I put the folder under my coat, hoping that I’m just hallucinating, the question is though, do I go to my house or to the big black creepy house?

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