James, The Protagonist Without A Plot

James, this is the blurb. You know, the bit that usually goes on the back of the book? Now, normally, I would write about what you would be doing in this story. However, you've not really got much of a plot to go on. So, yeah...


1. The Prologue

Hello. I'm the author. Welcome to my story. Or, rather, his story.

James'. He's a 16 year old boy, and is the protagonist of this movella.

Say hello, James!

"Fuck off."

James, please! Be nice to the readers, they've taken time out of their busy schedule of reading One Direction fanfiction, stalking their exes on Facebook and scrolling through cat gifs to read this. The least you can do is be sociable.

"I said, fuck off!" 

I'm sorry, friends. James has only just woken up, so he's a little grumpy.

He was lying inside of a cocoon made out of sheets on his bed, resembling a slightly pissed caterpillar. Hearing the author's voice inside his head, the boy slowly rose to his feet, still encased in the tattered blankets. Glancing over to his digital clock, he was shocked to see that it is only 5:32 am.

"Oh, for f-"

Oh, James... I know it's early, but you've got a big day ahead of you! This is your prologue. We have to make a good impression on the readers, so they decide to stay with us. Now, come on. Get a shower, put some clothes on, and let's get going.

Finally peeling the cocoon from his body, he stepped into the bathroom, eyes still half closed, and closed the door behind him. A gruff rendition of Do You Want To Build A Snowman reverberates around the house. 


What did I do to deserve being stuck with this tosser as a main character?


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