Pups and The Landmark Treasure

Marshall have been found for a treasure. Rocky get to Marshall because Marshall tell Rocky this one is a hunt for treasure but Team Umizoomi Blocked them. Rocky gives the Peanuts for The Team and Run Away. They also need "Chase is on the case!" Called on Pup-tags. Chase got a call:

Rocky : Chase
Chase : Rocky, How can I help?
Rocky : Were looking for a treasure chest. Were wondering were is it.
Chase : Okay. What's the Problem.
Marshall : You have to save us from well uh.... Spiders and Phantoms!
Chase : Huh?
Rocky : Use your winch and net to catch them or not they will eat us.
Chase : Okay. Chase is on the case!

(When he comes)
Rocky : Chase!
Chase : Woof! Net!
(His net shooter is deployed and die all phantoms and spiders)
Rocky : Now you need to help us.
(When they get to the house of a landmark treasure)
Chase see the treasure and bring it home to the Lookout
(The End)


2. Vs The Team

Team _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ block there way

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