Darcy and Nash = forever? (Diana+harry= Darcy ~squeal)

Darcy is turning 18 in two months and soon be able to move out but with her dad in a coma still she cant leave or she feels bad, soon her relationship turns for the worst and Darcy needs her dad more then ever.


1. Weird dreams...

*darcys p.o.v* 

i walk into my dads room to see he is still out...he is still breathing but has not moved one bit.

i go outside for a walk in the snow and i see...Nash? 

i walk a little bit more to see it was him....but who was she.

i walked away cause i was crying

 'would nash do this to me ?' 

i walked all the way back home to see uncle louis  was at my house "hey uncle louis " i go and give him a hug he smiles at me. "hows your father" i look down "he is ok he still has not moved" he hugs me again " well i have to go Darcy " he gets into his car "ill come check on you tonight " i smile "thanks for caring uncle louis" he smiles and drives off. I watch his car slowly get smaller. 

I go into the house and go into his room. his eyes are closed and has still not moved. i go to his side an hold his hand. " why...why do i have to live my life without my dad taking care of me; diving in the pool with me,doing fun stuff with me" i go and leave before i flip out " i love you dad"  I shut the light off and walk out of the room. 

"babe..." i wake up from my sleep and see Nash "baby you should go to bed " I look at him " who is she"? he looks back "why were you walking with anther girl Nash " he looks down  " baby..are you talking me?" I get up " what are you serious, my dad is in a coma and probably dying and you ask if im stalking!" he gets up and pushes me "dont get into my face you listen to me!!" louis walks through the door "get away from her" louis says "NOW!" nash walks out of the huse and louis comes and holds me "are you ok?" i start to cry "can my dad just wake up now!" i bury my shoulder into his arm "can i just go away...."


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