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The Accidental Mummy Club: A club where British mothers go on outings and discuss how they accidentally became pregnant and how they're coping.

Harry: A 21 year old with a dream of producing music has come to a halt when a one night stand accidentally knocks her up. She seeks another woman she can relate to, but so far, no one has understood her.

Louis: A 23 year old with a dream of acting has come to a halt when her rapist accidentally gets her pregnant. She needs some support in understanding pregnancy from rape, so instead of therapy, her doctor points her in the direction of The Accidental Mummy Club.



1. Prologue: Louis

"Go to a few sessions of The Accidental Mummy Club. You might not need therapy if you're wanting to go to something like that. It's a support group. I know you're not too keen and somewhat aggressive towards strangers, but you need to vent." At least, that's what Louis' OB/GYN had told her. Should she listen to his instructions? She doesn't want to. Is she doing it anyway? Yes. Louis is typically that kind of person that does exactly the opposite of what someone tells her. She just grew up that way. She distinctly remembers the time her mum told her not to climb over the fence to swim in a creek at an amusement park, but she did anyway. Not only did she get kicked out of the park, but she also nearly got attacked by an alligator. Somehow, she still didn't learn her lesson from that.

She ultimately learned her lesson the day she got raped. She was in a fight with her friend, Eleanor. She constantly told Louis not to go to Liam's house. She wouldn't tell Louis why, so Louis only wanted to go just to spite Eleanor. Little did Louis know that Liam was having a bet with his pal, Andy. Next girl who came over, he would have sex with her, no matter what it took.

Louis would've never expected something like that from the guy with puppy dog eyes and soft, but somewhat rugged features. That's the thing, you never really know what a person is truly like unless they are stuck in a spot of tension.

Of course Liam regretted it after he saw what he had done. He raped his best friend. He drugged and tied up his best friend just to sleep with someone. Liam had turned himself in after untying her wrists from the bed rails. She wouldn't have been able to untie herself, so he didn't want her to be stuck there or possibly die if no one went to check on the house.

Louis was put in the behavioral centre for three weeks, counseling every single day. She had been asked the same questions day after day. "Are you in pain?" "Here's a doll, where did he touch you?" "Oh, you don't remember? Do you remember anything before you woke up?" "Were you bleeding?" The questions were endless. She eventually snapped on the fifth day of therapy, and she was moved from a normal patient room to a room where the not-so-behaved patients went.

When she first got in the community room, she had thought, "Yes, this is probably where I belong. He has tattoos? Cool, me too.." After a few minutes of staying in that ward, she had decided she's really not all that bad. The people there were probably criminally insane, and she didn't want any part of that. It scared her, so she was moved to a happy medium. She was in the group of slightly misbehaved. She felt most at home there, even though she was far from home.

Going into her third week, she was rather lethargic and her bosom felt inflated. She only dismissed that to her period, which was kind of true for the time being.

It started to get strange for Louis when she was finally discharged from the behavioral centre, and Eleanor was to first one to notice these sorts of changes.

Louis, the typical badass who would smoke and drink until she was silly, would just rather sit on the couch and eat ice cream all day. She would cry over any little thing, or she would get annoyed really easily. Typically, Louis is a pretty laid back person, so this strange behavior worried Eleanor. Another thing that worried her is that she would rather stay at home than go out with her girlfriend, Briana. Louis had acted rather bitter towards Briana, and Eleanor being Louis' friend, she found it quite fishy.

One time, Eleanor even set Louis down to ask her about Briana, and why Louis was so bitter towards her. Eleanor even accused her of cheating, which just made her burst into tears. That's when Eleanor saw it. Louis was a wreck, sometimes she'd come home from the store to the putrid smell of vomit, Louis literally did nothing when she was basically bouncing off the wall before she was raped. It occurred to her. Maybe Louis is pregnant.

When she had brought it up to Louis, she had tried to put it off. "No, it's not possible.. I had my period," Louis would say.

She patiently waited for her next period to roll around, but it never did. By the time she was two weeks late, she thought, "Maybe Eleanor's right." So, she asked Eleanor to buy her a test over text. She didn't want to see Eleanor's "I told you so" face, only because:

1) She's lesbian

2) She was raped

She didn't know what to tell Briana, whom she had ignored since she got raped. The first three weeks were untying emotional since she was locked up in rehab, but the next seven were purely out it disinterest and laziness.

She finally decided to invite Briana over for dinner, show her the pregnancy test that read pregnant after the five minute mark.

That night went horribly. Accusations of cheating flew between the two, foul words, even hair pulling at one point. The words that ended the two were, "Just get it aborted, Louise. It will be a constant reminder of what made me hate you."

She didn't end the relationship because Briana claimed that she hated her, but because she told Louis to abort her child. To Louis, that is already her child. That is her little baby. Before Briana attacked her, she had thought, "It's only a clump of cells..." But after that, those clump of cells were so much more to her. That's her child, her completely fragile and defenseless child. The only defense that the unborn child had was Louis, and Louis knew for damn sure that she was going to defend that fetus even if it killed her.

The next day, she had told everything that had happened to her to her shrink. She would rather say shrink than therapist, only because it is the words "the" and "rapist" combined. She knew it was a stupid reason to call her therapist a shrink, but just the thought of Liam and what he had done gave her anxiety.

Since she hadn't been to her shrink in four weeks, she decided that she probably needed to explain why, and she told her everything. She told the shrink about the dreams, the non-stop thoughts about Liam, anxiety, the fight with Briana, and finally about the child developing in her womb.

Although the shrink had heard worse, it was still a lot for her to take in. Louis was quite problematic the day she met her. She was unusually moody and kind of bitchy, but that was the normal, typical Louis. She was the party girl that had it her way or no way. The shrink even briefly thought, "Maybe Louis has a twin and sent her in."

Not at all, but she wouldn't have had contact with her twin anyway. After she had came out as lesbian, her mum had kicked her out and shunned her. The only people who had stood by her side were Eleanor and Liam. Not even her sisters had attempted to make contact with her since, and it's been six years.

After Louis vented, she was given prescription to a dose of Celxa to calm her anxious nerves. The shrink claimed that it's completely safe during pregnancy and nursing, but Louis would have a talk with the OB/GYN during her first visit.

And she did discuss the medicine with the doctor, and the doctor had agreed with her shrink. He had said that it won't harm the fetus whatsoever. The doctor gave the complete rundown of what she couldn't and could do during pregnancy, and the only thing that she was slightly upset about was the hair dying. She is an avid hair-dying type of girl, but the doctor said only henna because of the chemicals in the types of hair dyes she used. That and henna is good for the hair and hers is practically fried from all of the dying, bleaching, and touch-ups.

He had also asked if she drank or smoke before she found out, but explained how she was locked up in a psychiatric hospital for three weeks and too lazy to go out for seven.

After the doctor have her a brief lecture about smoking and drinking in general, he have her a pamphlet about healthy eating for her to read over while he set up the monitor for the first sonogram.

The minute Louis saw the little kumquat sized fetus, her heart leaped of joy. She thought, "Sometimes, a little bit of beauty can come from terror." She had also decided her nickname for the baby before she finds out the gender: Kumquat. It's not the typical pumpkin or jellybean. It's a little bit different, and Louis had always been a bit avant garde.

Once she received the copies of the sonogram from the doctor, he sprung the idea about The Accidental Mummy Club onto Louis.

She now sits in the car in front of the building, staring at the advert she holds in her small hands. All the women look so happy, hands on their bloated bellies as they obviously stage doing different activities. It looks kind of fun to her, but she's not the typical girl to do something like this. That, and she's not too sure if this sort of thing would be too thrilling on her acting resume.

"Sometimes, change is good. Sometimes it's better to break out of your shell, Louise Johannah Tomlinson. You need some pregnant friends, girl. Maybe you won't have to go to therapy anymore. Maybe you will feel a wee bit more normal," she attempts to convince herself. "Do it for you, the baby, Eleanor, the doctor.."

She nearly jumps out of her seat when a car behind her honks, so she glances up to see that the light had turned green. She takes a turn and only a few minutes later, she makes it to the Holmes Chapel recreational centre. That's where they meet, then they go on outings. This is every wednesday, with the exception of the occasional night outing to a fancy dinner. Now, she's faced to struggle if she should go in or leave. "You would be wasting the petrol.. You know you're not that rich, Lou.."

"Are you talking to yourself?" Louis' eyes widen, looking around before she finally notices a girl standing outside her car, her eyes squinting as she looks through the tinted window.

"Do I know you?" She asks in a harsh tone. She'd typically need to defend herself in situations like these, but from the tells of it, the woman looks heavily pregnant and quite friendly. She's probably only an overly-friendly woman anyway. She appears to be in her late twenties, early thirties at most.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" The lady yells through the window dividing them.

"Hey, can you move aside? I want to get out," she says loud enough for the woman to hear, so the woman obliges. That lets Louis get out of the car. She locks it and leans against the car. "I'm Louis, by the way." She sticks her limp hand out for the woman to shake, and the woman graciously shakes it for a little too long.

"It's so great to meet you! I'm Samantha White! Now, come in!" The woman pulls louis by the arm into the recreational centre and into the very back room where about ten other women sit. Most of them are rather far along, but Louis' eyes land on a bumpless, tall girl who's hair is tied up into a bun. Tattoos are littered all over her left arm, maybe one or two on her right. From what it looks like, they're the youngest in the room.

Before she can look away, the girl looks over at her, eyes locking on hers. She spares louis a smile before taking a sip of her punch and looking at the person she was previously talking to.

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