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The Accidental Mummy Club: A club where British mothers go on outings and discuss how they accidentally became pregnant and how they're coping.

Harry: A 21 year old with a dream of producing music has come to a halt when a one night stand accidentally knocks her up. She seeks another woman she can relate to, but so far, no one has understood her.

Louis: A 23 year old with a dream of acting has come to a halt when her rapist accidentally gets her pregnant. She needs some support in understanding pregnancy from rape, so instead of therapy, her doctor points her in the direction of The Accidental Mummy Club.



2. Prologue: Harry

She didn't think it would happen. She never thought it would happen, especially with one of her potential clients. She didn't think it would happen with a long distanced friend when he was visiting. She didn't think it would be just as she started to build her music-making empire up. She didn't understand at first, but never did she get angry about it.

Harry thought she would become pregnant after she got married. She thought maybe conception on wedding night, maybe a little after. She thought it would happen later, maybe when she was twenty-five. She never ever thought she would be twenty-one and pregnant.

The thing was, she was always deemed the good girl. Good grades, amazing fashion, the hot but sweet boyfriend, it was all like that up until college. A nasty rumor about her started, so everyone strayed away, especially her gal-friends. The rumor was that she was lesbian. That's kind of hard to be when your whole town is extremely anti-gay people, so it ruined her. It ruined her image, self-esteem. The thing that got her most is that it was partially true. She was bisexual. She knew that since she was in year six when the new girl, Betsy Campbell went to her school. She was so beautiful, and Harry loved her, but of course she kept that hidden. Her mum knew the whole time and supported her, but as said by John Green, to find yourself, you must lose yourself first.

After that nasty rumor, as said, she lost herself. Drugs, sex, and music is what mainly kept her from the pain.

Her good grades dropped from A's to B's. With that, it stressed her out. She started getting drunk every day, to forget about what was going on around her.

Those B's fell to C's, and and she got kicked out of her music theory class because of cussing out the professor. Again, to forget her pain, she would bring someone home every single night. She didn't care anymore. She didn't care about herself or her body. For all she cared, she would be ran over by a car. Her life meant nothing to her at that point.

Her C's became D's and she was let go from Oxford and sent back to Holmes Chapel to live with her mother. Even though she was home, she continued her habits. Drugs, alcohol, boys, and music were the only things that could keep her numb from the pain.

Anne was very disappointed at the least. She had watched a smart, brilliant girl grow up into an amazing, level headed adult. That was all until the rumors flew. Anne heard the least of the nasty things spewed about her. "I hope she burns in hell." "No one will ever love her." "Your daughter is Harriet Styles? Ha, you must be disgusted!" Those were only the few of many vile things said or gossiped to  Anne. She knew for sure that's what turned her shining star into a mere dull spec.

One night, Anne sat her down and told Harry to tell her everything. There were a few moments of silence, only pain behind Harry's eyes. She was trembling, hands shaking like crazy before she finally said it. "Why are people so mean? I only have you, Gemma, and Zayn. Zayn isn't around and I can barely get a hold of his military base, Gemma is exploring the world, and you're always working. Why can't I have any friends? Why do I want to die, mummy? I just don't want to be in pain anymore."

There was not a dry eye that night. Harry cried her feelings out, apologizing for everything she had done while Anna apologized for not asking sooner. That did give Anne an idea, so she had wrote everything she loved about Harry all over her body. She had Harry get in a sports bra and shorts after she asked her Facebook friends to comment what they loved about Harry. Things like, Her strange sense of humor, and, Her humbleness, were written all over her. By the end of the night, most of her body was covered with positivity. Her mum even told her, "Now that it's all over you, you can just look down and be reminded of what a great person you are!"

That was ultimately got Harry into tattoos, but that is another story for another time.

Slowly, Harry got a little bit better, a little bit happier every single day. Sleeping with a boy changed from every night to once every week, and she got down to only drinking. Slowly, she became herself again.

And that's when she met him. A guy by the name of Ansel Elgort was passing through during Harry's shift at the bakery. Since she was given a gap year to fix her attitude, she decided to start working at the bakery again. Despite the harsh glares and snickers clearly heard, she worked through it. She needed the money, and it payed pretty well.

Ansel had decided to take a pit stop in the homey-looking bakery that day, and that's where he saw Harry for the first time. He knew he was whipped when he saw her. From the beautiful curls that framed her face, to the beautiful, rosy cheeks. He was definitely snatched.

As typical as Ansel was, he walked up, confidently greeting her with a smile and said, "Hi, I'm Ansel. I would like a scone, hot cocoa, and a date with you."

Let's just say, it worked. She  wasn't sure if it was really to prove that she liked men, or if it was solely out of interest. Either way, she was glad she said so. Harry and Ansel were basically one in the same; their main outlet was music and they both had that strange sense of humor. They got each other, and that's a bond Harry hadn't had with someone in a long time. "Maybe Ansel is my happy place," she had thought constantly. Ansel had even got her into looking at producing music. She would make much more money that way, he would say. He would also say that he would be her first artist to sign to her production company.

Like any good thing, it had to end. Ansel had to go back to America and it hurt her, but he promised to visit soon.

And he did. It was a rushed visit, but it worked. At one point in time, they even made love. It was a big deal to Harry, only because that, to her, made her feel like all the pain was finally all gone.

Emotionally, maybe, physically, give it nine months.

A few weeks after Ansel left, she started feeling different. She'd have a weird craving for pickles and peanut butter, or she would get nauseated by the smells of the bakery. At one point, she even threw up in a mop bucket. After that, she didn't get much nausea, but she would get dull aches in her lower back.

The first person to really notice was Harry's boss, Barbara. She had asked Harry to join her in the back room, so Harry did. Barbara handed her a paper bag and left without a word, so Harry had opened her bag. It had hit her. All of her weird behavior.. It made sense. At first she was shocked, but a sense of joy had rolled over her.

The first person she called when the test read positive was Ansel. He, on the other hand, was not way too excited. Not that he was reluctant or angry, but Ansel would've had his first child with the person he'd want to marry. He would marry harry, but they're so far away, and he thought he found someone else. Not intentionally, and not emotionally, but she was there sexually. She wasn't a mess, unlike Harry. Harry was a mess with him because she was finding herself. Of course Ansel told her none of that, but Harry did feel like there was something wrong.

That just didn't matter to her though. She was having a baby, and she loved babies more than she loved herself.

Her mum and Gemma (who flew in just to be there) went to Harry's first sonogram a few weeks later.

"Ten weeks old," the doctor had told Harry, which made Harry even more excited.

Her little jellybean was perfect, safe, and healthy. Harry was healthy again, which was good. The doctor did suggest Harry going to a group called The Accidental Mummy Club. Even if Harry didn't want to go, her mum would've said yes, only because Harry would need pregnant friends anyway. She would need people to talk to about the baby and how she was feeling.

And there she sits, staring at the advert as she is leaned back against the chair, legs spread apart, hand protectively rested on her stomach. This is false advertisement compared to the advert, at least that's what she thinks.

"Hey, close your legs. That's probably how you got pregnant in the first place," she hears someone tease her. She has never rolled her eyes so hard. She rolls her eyes again and peers over the paper.

"What if I was pregnant from rape?" Harry snickers the minute the lady's eyes grow to the size of saucers. She probably didn't expect that. "You're lucky I'm not, but you don't know anyone's stories here unless you've already asked. I wouldn't do that if I were you." With that, Harry pulls out her phone and starts to play Mr. Crab.

Not even thirty seconds later, another lady comes up to Harry and taps her on the shoulder. Harry looks up at her, and the first thing she notices is the bust on that lady. They're huge, and huge is an understatement. She then meets the eyes of the lady, so she spears her throat and pushes herself out of the seat. She holds out her hand for the lady to shake. "I'm Harriet, call me Harry."

"I'm Becca. Aren't you the lesbian?" The lady keeps her voice quiet. Automatically, Harry gets flustered. Flashes of what she once was run through the mind, but thankfully the woman notices. "I support gay rights, I was only wondering. My mums are lesbian." She smiles sweetly at Harry.

That's is honestly the biggest sigh of relief for Harry. She didn't want to get the same ridicule she gets daily from a fellow pregnant woman. "I'm bi, not lesbian. I don't know what to deem the man that got me pregnant, so I'll just say he's a close friend." Harry flashes her sincerest smile.

To be polite, the lady smiles back. "Shall we get drinks? It's punch." Harry follows the lady and gets some punch as well. They start talking about a few things, such as due dates, nicknames for the baby, and so on. Thankfully the lady she's talking to is very nice, but she's not the person she feels a connection with. When she says she wants a connection, she means she wants to be able to relate to them in all aspects. Then again, there aren't many girls who are like her in this situation.

And so Harry continues to talk to the lady until she clears her throat. "What, Becca?" She asks, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. She follows Becca's gaze.

Harry finally sees who Becca is staring at. There stands a rugged, yet beautiful girl being tugged in by a very pregnant woman. There is not a visible bump, so that means she is probably more around Harry's timing with pregnancy. All Harry can think is, "Damn, she's beautiful." From her defined jawline to her oceanic eyes, Harry is infatuated. She manages to catch glances with the girl, and it makes her heart leap inside her chest. Harry simple smiles, then looks back at Becca as she takes a drink.

It just so happens that Harry now likes this girl more than she had ever liked that Betsy Campbell, and she doesn't even know the stranger's name yet.

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