Soooo... - Michael Cliffords Sister

This is the story of Bailey, Bailey Clifford. I have a brother named Michael, but I haven't seen him for years. When my parents separated, I moved to England with my dad and he got married to a lady named Anne Cox, she has a son called Harry, he is pretty famous. Harry is in a band called 1 Direction. So you my know him. So yeah. I have got to go, i hope read this, because this is My Story.


1. I want you to meet...

 - Baileys POV -

I walked over to my docking station in my room and turned up the sound, blocking any unwanted noise. I walked back over to my bed and picked up my guitar and ran my fingers over the smooth strings. I played some chords one after the other and started to write some lyrics down that matched the music:


for a while we pretended that we never had to end it, but we knew we'd have to say goodbye. You were crying at the airport when they finally closed the plane doors, I could barely hold it all inside. Torn in two. And I know I shouldn't tell you but i just can't stop thinking of you, Wherever you are, You, Wherever you are.

i picked up the guitar, and sung the little bit of a song that I had made. To tell the truth i don't even know why i wrote this song, I don't even think that this song will be for my band. I don't know who I will give this song to. I heard my doorknob being twisted so I put the guitar down and ran over to my desk pretending to be doing my homework, like I am supposed to be doing. 'Bai, I know you aren't doing homework, you never do, naughty girl.' My eyes shot wide, the voice, I hadn't heard in soooo long had just spoken up. I turned around and there he was my step-brother. I have a actual brother, I just don't know where he is, mum and dad split up when I was little, I went with my dad and dad moved us to England and here I am now the step-sister of the one and only Harry Styles. 'come downstairs, I want you to meet the band I was telling you about through Skype, 5SOS, the opening act.' I followed him down the stairs as if it were the game Follow The Leader. 'Okay boys, this is my little sister Bailey.' Harry introduced me to them, there were 4 of them, one who had blonde-brown curly hair in a bandanna, another blonde hair was styled in a Quiff, one of the other ones had a brown-ish tan and his black was styled a bit of a quiff as well. The last one looked really familiar, though I couldn't put my finger on it, he had some crazy blue hair, I must admit, it was pretty cool. I glanced down to my pink ombre hair, it went from a coral-pink colour to a pale pink to a pink that was pale so that it almost looked white. I looked back up at him, he looked really familiar. 'Hi, I am Bailey, as Harry already said. What are your names?' I ask trying to be polite - keyword being TRYING - all I want to do is carry on writing the song I was in the middle of writing. 'My name is Calum.' Brown-ish tanned dude said. 'Ashton!' said the one with curly hair in a bandanna. 'I am Luke.' the one with the blonde quiff said. 'The name is Michael, Michael Clifford.' My eyes widened. Harry looked shocked as well. 'You can't be my brother, my brother is back in Sydney. I know you aren't my brother. I am Bailey Clifford.' I protested. Now his eyes widened. 'Bai. Is that you.' I flinched at what he had just said. 'don't call me that. If you really are my brother then show me your bracelet, that we made a promise that we wouldn't take off.' He passed me his wrist, i saw it there his side to the matching bracelets. His one said "together forever never apart..." where as mine said "...maybe in distance, but never at heart."

I pushed my jumper sleeve up and showed him mine. I smiled 'DAD GET HERE NOW!!!!!' I yelled. He came rushing in with a worried look on his face. Oops. 'FAMILY REUNION.' i yelled. he looked really confused. 'It's Michelangelo.' I said partying. Dad looked shocked then recovered quickly, and scooped me and Michael into a big hug. I smiled, it was a bit of a family reunion - only mum wasn't here.




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