He Doesn't Like A Girl From One

Aubrey is from District One and has just volunteered for The Hunger Games. Along the way she finds a part of her she thought never existed. Love. She sees it when she meets Peeta. A guy who up until now she didn't know existed. Will she die for love or make it out alive? (Katniss and Peeta don't like each other in this)


2. Running does nothing.

"Aubrey Rose." I said. People started clapping for me because that is how it was in One unlike let's say Twelve. People hate the games in Twelve.

"Well if you will please step this way, Aubrey." she said. She pulled me along to a guard. The guard had told me not to run because it does nothing. " Okay now the boys."

"I volunteer." Gasps filled One as Cato stepped forward. He smiled at me. The guards filed around him and walked with him up to the stage.

"What is your name, young man?" she asked.

"Cato." he said. I giggled a little. He said he wasn't going to say his last name and he didn't.

"Alright. The tributes from One everybody." Everyone started clapping. The guards took us to the rooms where our parents could visit us. My mom ran in.

"Aubrey, I love you and now you have to win this. If only you would have known that Cato would have volunteered." she said.

"I knew." I said. Her eyes widened.


"You are out of time, miss." the guard said. He pulled my mom away from me leaving me alone in this room. Another guard came in and took me to the train. Cato was already there.

"Hey, wolf." that is what he always calls me.

"Sup, alpha." I said. He laughed.

"Okay we just need to head to the capitol but I won't be able to stay with you because of Districts two through twelve." the lady that had been up on stage had said.

"Alright." Cato and I said together. I hope I win this thing and most of all, don't fall in love.

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