He Doesn't Like A Girl From One

Aubrey is from District One and has just volunteered for The Hunger Games. Along the way she finds a part of her she thought never existed. Love. She sees it when she meets Peeta. A guy who up until now she didn't know existed. Will she die for love or make it out alive? (Katniss and Peeta don't like each other in this)


1. Aubrey!

I walked downstairs ready to volunteer for The Hunger Games. Training. It took a lot of it just to be able to say the words 'I volunteer'. And when I practiced, it wasn't for real. I walked outside. Plenty of people knew what I was about to do and thought that they would win this year. Cato was volunteering to but I was the only one that knew. Soon everyone would know. I walked to get blood taken from me. It never hurt. I stood by the rest of the girls my age. They were all calm to do knowing what I was going to do.

"Hello, and now it is time to pick the tributes for the Hunger Games." the announcer said. "Ladies first." Everyone looked at me.

"I volunteer." I shouted enough for them to hear me. The Guards came and got me taking me to the stage.

'Hello, young lady and what is your name?" she asked. She aimed the mic so I could be heard throughout One.

"Aubrey Rose."

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