Michael and blake

In the beautiful city of Sydney, where our story takes place, a long-standing hatred between two families erupts into new violence, and citizens stain their hands with the blood of their fellow citizens. Two unluckily children of these families become lovers and commit ‘suicide’. Their unfortunate deaths put an end to their parents’ feud. For the next two weeks, we will read the story of their doomed love and their family's anger, which nothing but the children's deaths could stop. If you read patiently, we’ll make up for everything we’ve left out in this prologue in words.


2. act 1 scene 1

I watch the clock like a hawk, waiting for the second hand to reach 12.

9 seconds, I put my pen in the designated spot.

8 seconds, I close the case up.

7 seconds, I zip the pink smiggle case up.

6 seconds, I pick my science book up

5 seconds, I open the binder

4 seconds, I put the pink book in the binder

3 seconds, I close the binder

2 seconds, I put my pencil case on the binder

1 second..... Ringgggggggg.

I sigh in relief as the familiar ring sounds around the room.

"That's all for today" mrs berry says, rubbing the white board off "everyone can leave...."

I pick my books up and hold them close to my chest, I then goto move my foot when

"Except Blake White"

I sigh as I watch the students walk out the room, snickering at me as they pass.

When everyone leaves I make my way to the crippled bird.

"Yes mrs berry?" I ask, holding my books closer to my chest.

"Next time, don't pack up until I tell you too" mrs berry states calmly

"Sorry mrs" I reply, looking at the oak desk.

"Oh and do you have that note yet?" Mrs berry asks, adjusting her glasses

"Not yet mrs, soon" I assure

"Good, I feel that you would benefit from the program best" mrs berry smiles "you may leave now"

I nod and walk towards the door.

"See you tomorrow mrs" I say, leaving through the door.

Only seconds later, I crash into someone, nocking my books to the floor.

I jump to the floor, trying to scavenge all the books that phil out the binder.

"Look, Black White fell!" Someone shouts drone behind me

Laughter erupts in the hall.

"Did you lose your chest torment nerd!" Someone else shouts

I feel the tears brim my eyes, but continue to ignore the hurtful comments.

I go to pick my binder up, when my hand crashes with another.

Unaware that someone was helping, I looked up.

I met eyes with a boy no older than 17.

He had greens eyes with blue flecks and white hair with a black stripe down the middle.

He showed a toothy grin and picked my binder up.

He then stood up and offered me his hand.

I smiled and took it, pulling myself up.

"Here" he said, giving me the books "I believe these are yours"

"Thanks" I smiled, taking the books.

"I'm Michael Clifford " he said, sticking his hand out.

I happily took it.

"Blake White"

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