He's Kinda Hot

What happens to a group of 4 friends when sisters, drugs and issues are introduced to them? Will it be she's kinda hot or he's kinda hot

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8. The Kiss 😘

Michael's POV

"Where the fuck have you dumb asses been? We've been waiting for an hour?" I yell as Ashton and Calum walk in

"Shut up," Calum yells as he walks over smiling. Calum never talks to me. What's up with him? "What the fucks wrong?" I ask him walking up to him and giving him a hug. He slowly embraces me back.

Calum's POV

"Oh, I'm okay, just have a problem with Keira and you know the drugs," I trailed off mumbling the last part but he heard me, "You know we're here for you, Cal." Michael's says letting me go. "I know you're one of my best mates."

We order our ice cream and we start talking about band stuff. I wonder where Ashton and Luke went to.

Michael's POV

Me and Calum were the only ones in Fresh Ice because Ashton went to break up with CiCi for Luke because Luke acts like a little bitch even ever she's involved with shit. "Michael?" Calum sighs interrupting my train of thought, "Yeah Calum?" I say slightly looking up from my phone. "Will you ummm help me break up with Keira?" He asked trying to smile, I couldn't help but smile. "Fuck yeah," I kinda yell just to get dirty looks from the mothers on the other side of this piece and some opened mouths from others. Calum jumped up and kissed me passionately, I had no idea why but I liked it, I kissed him back

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