He's Kinda Hot

What happens to a group of 4 friends when sisters, drugs and issues are introduced to them? Will it be she's kinda hot or he's kinda hot

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13. The Hotel Room

Ashton's POV

When I woke up Luke was sleeping. "Morning sleepy head," I say kissing laying next to me. "Morning" he relied as I pulled him into me kissing him all over. "I love you." I whispered into him in between kisses. "I love you too." Moaned out. "Ashton?" He asked "Yes, Lukey?" I asked getting closer to his pants "I want you! Do you want me?" He questioned "I do. I really do. I love you!" I say and he pulls me up taking control and starts kissing me. "Luke!" I moaned as Luke pulled my pants and boxers with his teeth. Kissing my sweet spot. He starts pumping me, first slow then faster. I got harder and harder. He finally stops teasing me and he just strips and puts me in him. "Luke," I moan as he grinds me.




Luke's POV

"Luke! I'm… going… too… cum!" Ashton says sounding really sexy. I felt a warm liquid in my mouth. He looked so sexy. He kissed me, his lips soft on my chest felt so good . "God! Ashton, I love you." I say pulling his face to mine and kissing it. "I love you too!" He manages to say in between kisses.




Michael's POV

A few minutes ago I got a call from Ashton, telling me and Calum to meet him and Luke at the motel down on the other side of town where they were staying at. "Cal, you ready?" I ask as I walk down in Calum's to room to find him crying.

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