He's Kinda Hot

What happens to a group of 4 friends when sisters, drugs and issues are introduced to them? Will it be she's kinda hot or he's kinda hot

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10. The Break Up part 2 (Keira's Turn)

Calum's POV

On the way to Keira's it was awkward between me and Michael. "Calum's?" He asked breaking the silence, "Yes, Michael." "Do you like me?" He finally asked, "Like a friend or more?" I asked kinda scared to hear the answer. "More than a friend," he trailed off forcing a smile "I... I" I stuttered like the dumbass I am. I looked away feeling the redness take over my face. "What?" He asked sounding really impatient and I was just standing there like answer him. "Well yeah. Michael, I do like you more than a friend."

Michael's POV

He said yes! I fucking love this boy! "Do you like me, Michael?" He asked turning even redder if that's possible. "Well. Yes I fucking do, Calum. I fucking love you!" I say moving closer to him as I leaned over him and kissed him. He turned his head to deepen the kiss. "Michael, come on I have to break up with Keira still," he says breaking the kiss and making me whine and he laughs.

Calum's POV

When we got to Keira's she wasn't home. So I called her. "Hey, Keira where are you? We have to talk." "I'm not in town, but you can tell me over the phone." She's not gonna wanna hear what I have to tell her over the phone. "I think we need to break up," I say and can feel her start to cry "Why? Was it something I did?" She said "No it... It's just I like someone else and I wasn't happy. You want me to be happy right?" I said "I do. I have to go, Calum. Bye." "Bye." That's how that went down. After that Michael brought me back to his place.😏😏😏

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