He's Kinda Hot

What happens to a group of 4 friends when sisters, drugs and issues are introduced to them? Will it be she's kinda hot or he's kinda hot

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5. It Calms Me Down

Calum's POV

I ran down the alley way, why did them douchebags rat me out now the fucking cops are chasing my ass. I find myself at a liquor store, damn it's gonna be so hard to fight the urge not to go there. After I heard the sirens fly right pass me I threw my hood over my head and then she called; My therapist. Damn she annoys me so much, but my girlfriend, Keira makes me see this fucking therapist. Keira's annoying too sometimes but she's kinda hot though. Whenever I think about Keira I either think about the song "Cut Her Off" by K CAMP or "Beautiful" by Akon. Weird. After I got a pack of Corona Extra I found myself walking back to the apartment I share with my friend, Ashton. Hopefully got some weed at home or at least some cigarettes.

When I got there I had to set the beer on the railing on the porch of course the beer falls fucking over, just wonder fucking full. I really hope I got some fucking pot hidden in there, I should actually unless Ashton raided my room. You see I just got back from rehab a few weeks ago and.... Well you'll figure it out later. The beer tipped over and everyone 'sept two of them broke. Just my fucking luck. I wanted more than one and Ashton was just gonna drink one like he always does. If Ashton got rid of all my shit, I swear to god😤😤😤😤😤

Ashton's POV

I heard a thud from outside, it's probably just Calum though. Shit, I forgot to get rid of all the drugs he's got in his room, I mean drugs like multiple; weed, cocaine, ice, heroin, all sorts of shots and shit. Whatever. He walked through the door with only two Coronas, "Hey" I say with hesitation, "The fuck do you want?" He mumbled "Nothing, just wondering why you only have two beers when obviously, you drink a lot more usually," I had to choose my words wisely when he hasn't smoked he gets pissed so easily. "I'm going to my room," he added as he stormed up the stairs and down the hall to the back bedroom. Calum confuses me sometimes, I wonder if he actually sees that therapist his girlfriend makes his see. Probably not.

Calum's POV

I stormed off to my bedroom so I wouldn't hurt Ashton. Keira's calling, shit she thinks I'm at an appointment with that fucking retarded therapist. Ignore. She called again. Ignore. I answered the third time, "Hello?" "Hey, babe did you see the therapist?" "Yeah, Keira that's why I couldn't answer your first calls," I'm so good at lying to her, "Ok, Cal did you take your pills?" "Why the fuck do I need to take those?" "Because, if you don't you have messed up dreams, and you start kicking and screaming and don't even realize you're doing it, you really need to start listening....." and I stopped paying attention there, told her I love her and hung up. I probably pissed her off but I don't care at the moment, right now I gotta find my favorite 'friends', hopefully they're still here, at least I want there to still be a little weed or a couple of cigarettes. Found them, right where I left them, even the heroin I never used. I looked under everything to find the blueberry kush, for most people blueberry kush doesn't have any effects but it relaxes me and if I smoke blueberry kush with Alabama kush then I can just about fall asleep. That's the only reason I smoke pot is because it calms me down.

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